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Managing Your Writing Project Essay

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Managing Your Writing Project
When you are assigned to a writing project, it is good practice to follow general project management methods as part of your process. An important part of managing a writing project is documenting all the requirements and initial factors. You should also document your progress, the outcome and lessons learned. This will help you in this project and in future writing projects.
Questions you may have include:
• What is the general requirement of the project?
• How do you do a writing plan?
• What are the results of such actions?

Get general requirement

A writing project usually starts with receiving a general requirement, such as "Upgrade ...view middle of the document...

Put together writing plan

Once you get the general requirements for the manual that you are to write, you should write up a project management plan. You need to define the internal and external customers, outline the product definition, do research and estimate the time needed to do the job.

Define internal customer

State who is the manager of this project that you must satisfy and who receives the final product. This is the person who is responsible and who you must make happy.

Define external customers and users

State who the external users/customers are and what type of information they need. Knowing the users' wants and needs is important in delivering a good product. Unfortunately, sometimes what the internal customer/manager wants and what the external user needs are different. You may discuss the difference with your boss, but ultimately you have to look to who signs your paycheck or gives your performance evaluations to determine to whom you listen.

Outline product definition

Taking the general requirement and knowledge of what your internal and external customers want, you can specifically define what product you will be writing and delivering.
In the case of our example of writing an upgrade to the existing user manual, it is a good idea to define the original manual. If that has never been stated formally, it is a good idea to do that now.
Our original manual consists of:
• An installation procedure
• Setup procedure
• Procedures for using each feature, along with explanations of their functions
• Descriptions of all reports that can be printed
The upgrade will consist of:
• The original manual
• With changes and additions

Do research

You need to do some research to learn about the product and its...

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