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Managing The Grievance Process Essay

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If you are like the majority of managers who operate within labor contracts then you can relate to the frustration that accompanies the grievance process. For the most part, grievance policies are set to be mediating faucets that allow for a clarification or even a compromise between employer and employees. Yet what takes place absent a clear understanding of the true purpose of grievances may be a whirlwind that brings about much aggravation and frustration among both parties. What follows are three effective methods in ensuring that your companie’s approach in dealing with grievances is not distorted or manipulated.
When a employer is approached and informed of a grievance filing the ...view middle of the document...

* Don not respond within the first 48 business hours. It is important to convey to the employee that his/her grievance was sufficiently reviewed.
ü In the event the employee wishes to proceed to the next step, acknowledge their notice and return to displaying a professional demeanor that does not include any conversation on the grievance. Let the process run its course.
ü Another area that sometimes results in disruption of the grievance process is managerial investigation. While there may be a need for management to conduct a thorough review, outwardly investigating may send an invitation to start a power struggle. One of the most crucial mistakes a manager can make is to involve other employees in the process. Grievance are complicated enough, do not add unnecessary parties to the process. If a manager would like to take any action at the initial grievance step, the following are suggested:
ü Retrieve any records that relate to the grievance. In the scenario above Carols’s time card should be copied and made available for review. Som managers would gather all Carol’s time records to potentially show a pattern. This is not suggested, as to do so would most likely ignite allegations of “singling out” or “retaliation”; stick to the situation at hand.
ü Use the connecting company policy. Policies should be clear and concise. In the referring situation, there should be a policy that specifically states the time in which docking commences.
Always ensure that manager’s actions do not violate any labor laws. Make it common practice to run all grievances through your company’s legal team. If not readily available at the initial level, use the many resources online that provide manager support.
The last effective step at resolving grievances is managerial conduct at grievance meetings. While most Step 1’s do not require face-to-face...

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