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Managing Risk In Information Systems Chapter 4 Key Terms / Assessment

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Ryan Spikes
Contingency Planning
Ch4 Key Concepts and Chapter Assessment

Affinity diagram - A diagram consisting of 4 steps, identify the problem , generate ideas, gather ideas into related groups, create the affinity diagram. Refer to page 142 for an example.
Brainstorming - In a brainstorming session all participants spout out ideas which are written down without judgement.
Cause and effect diagram - Also known as Ishikawa diagram or fishbone
diagram. It shows the relationships between causes and problems.
Critical path chart - A chart of critical tasks in a project. If any task in the critical path is delayed, the entire project will be delayed.

Firewall - Firewalls filter traffic to ...view middle of the document...

The “then” portion of the statement identifies the result.

Scope - The boundaries of a risk management plan. It defines what the plan should cover. Defining the scope helps prevent scope creep.

Scope creep - A problem with projects resulting from uncontrolled changes.
Scope creep should be avoided. It results in cost overruns and missed deadlines.

Stakeholder - An individual or group that has a stake, or interest, in the success of a project. A stakeholder has some authority over the project. Additionally, a stakeholder can provide resources for the project.

1. What are valid contents of a risk management plan?
A. Objectives
B. Scope
C. Recommendations
E. All of the above*

2. What should be included in the objectives of a risk management plan?
A. A list of threats
B. A list of vulnerabilities
C. Costs associated with risks
D. Cost-benefit analysis
E. All of the above*

3. What will the scope of a risk management plan define?
A. Objectives
C. Recommendations
D. Boundaries*

4. What problem can occur if the scope of a risk management plan is not
A. Excess boundaries
B. Stakeholder loss
C. Scope creep*

5. What is a stakeholder?
A. A mark that identifies critical steps
B. An individual or group that has an interest in the project*
C. A critical process or procedure
D. Another name for the risk management plan project manager

6. A key stakeholder should have authority to make decisions about a project.
This includes authority to provide additional resources.
A. True*
B. False

7. A risk management plan project manager oversees the entire plan. What is
the project manager responsible for? (Select two.)
A. Ensuring costs are...

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