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Managing Relationships Essay

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Managing Relationships Paper
Veronica Aguilar
University of Phoenix
COM/200 Foundations of Interpersonal Communication
Jeffery Heingle
November 2, 2009

Managing Relationships
Interpersonal communication is the basis for which relationships are managed.
According to Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others (6th ed.) by Beebe, Beebe and Redmond, “interpersonal communication is a distinctive, transactional form of human communication involving mutual influence, usually for the purpose of managing relationships” (Beebe, et. al, 2009, p. 3). By having a solid understanding of how the mechanics of interpersonal relationships work makes the difference in maintaining successful ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, the longer we worked together and got to know more about each other we realized how much we had in common and the amount of similar interests that we had allowed our relationship escalated into a friendship.
Over time we easily grew into becoming close working friends because of various factors such as intelligence, self-disclosure and reciprocation of liking. Several months after I had left my husband and filed for divorce he too was going through very similar circumstances. The next thing we knew, we were dating and our relationship soon grew into a long-term maintenance attraction, which is “the level of liking or positive feelings that motivate us to maintain or escalate a relationship” (Beebe, et. al, 2009, p. 256). “Both types of attraction involve assessing and acting on the potential value of a relationship” (Beebe, et. al, 2009, p. 256).
Relationship Power
Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond explain that power in a relationship is the way two people share decision-making responsibilities (p.255). My husband and I have a parallel power relationship, which involves “a shifting back and forth of the power between the partners, depending on the situation” (Beebe, et. al, 2009, p. 256). Our power relationship is 50/50 where we negotiate and compromise. “Parallel relationships often involve continual negotiation of who has decision-making power over which issues” (Beebe, et. al, 2009, p. 256).
Importance of Attraction and Power
The importance of attraction and power our relationship are huge factors in
maintaining a healthy and balanced intimate relationship. “Interpersonal attraction is the degree to which you want to form or maintain an interpersonal relationship” (Beebe, et. al, 2009, p. 256). If the attraction is missing from a relationship then the desire to pursue or maintain that relationship will fade or never have begun. The importance of power in a relationship derives from an individual’s ability to meet another person’s needs. My husband and I both understand the art of compromise and have a desire to make our relationship work without either of us over using either person’s power. Having a healthy balance of power in a relationship is the art of “negotiating how decisions are made that affect both partners, and managing inevitable interpersonal conflicts. Failure to agree on roles can lead to instability, and attempts to change an agreed-on definition of the roles can meet resistance” (Beebe, et. al, 2009, p. 255).
Room for Improvement
My husband and my relationship is not 100% perfect nor do I believe anyone’s relationship is. However, as my husband and I continue to grow with each other we have learned that there are areas we need improvement on. One area that we could improve on is our quality-time together. We get so busy with every-day life that we often forget to slow down to cultivate and rekindle our relationship.
In attempting to renew and maintain a healthy intimate relationship, creating a...

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