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Managing Quality Improvement Essay

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Managing Quality Improvement
Benedictine University

Professor Taniya Henry
August 10, 2013


The main purpose of managing quality improvements is to set up a structure by which to measure how the organization is doing out in the public sector. We need a process in place that will drive our improvement efforts when less than optimal results are identified through undesirable trends and benchmarking. They need to be measurable and be the same for all patients in the survey area. This data will assist us in developing the measures necessary to improve performance standards. A team will be organized that will include the Executive Director of our local hospice as well ...view middle of the document...

Our patient data needs to be captured and defined in a way that will allow for consistent and accurate data aggregation.
The data that needs to be accurately gathered are the elements related to the aspects of hospice and palliative care. They need to be measurable and be the same for all patients in the survey area. This data will assist us in developing the measures necessary to improve performance standards.
A team will be organized that will include the Executive Director of our local hospice as well as the Medical Directors (3), that drive our management force. Along with these top professionals I would also include members of our case management team, such as, RN’s, Social Workers, Chaplains, and Certified Nursing Assistants in order to make sure that all aspects of patient care are represented.
Defining an action plan to implement proper and effective data collection for our QAPI program will entail establishing an overall goal first. The overall goal is to improve the quality of care and services we provide to the consumers and improve satisfaction. By setting up a QAPI committee to...

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