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Managing People In Practice Essay

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In this essay human resource management and its developmental history is going to be presented. The two models ‘The Guest Model’ and ‘The Storey model of HRM’ are discussed along with its application into the hotel industry.
The growth and development of each and every industry depends upon certain factors or resources such that human resources, financial resources etc. The most critical factor among them is human resources factors. So to manage them properly, there is need of certain theories and practices. To handle these factors, management that is called human resources management is used (Price, 2011)
Human resources management is collection of the strategies that are designed and ...view middle of the document...

Second phase started from early 1930s with the concept of personnel administration. Under this phase there were certain concepts were developed as collective bargaining, staffing and organization, growth and employment, encouragement schemes etc. Next phase was development of personnel management started from 1940s. This developmental phase was related to the reactive approach rather than the proactive approach towards the human resources and is the process of being altogether the all human resources. Policies and practices related to the personnel and human resources are kept separate from business strategies. The modern concept of human resource management was emerged in 1980s and the 1990s. This concept focus upon the philosophy that competitive advantages can be achieved through the creative human resources. To formulate the corporate strategy, strategies can be developed for the human resources (Crichton, 1968).
Human resource management in hotel industry performs various activities such that recruitment and selection of the right person at right job at right time, planning of human resources, contracts provisions, fair conduct and to provide equal opportunities to the employees, to manage the diversity, to motivate the employees to achieve their better commitment to the organization and job (Foot and Hook, 2011). Payment and rewards management, health and safety provisions, to develop and maintain the discipline at job, negotiation, to encourage the employees for their involvement and engagement in the process of better development of the job, to manage ethics and corporate social responsibility, knowledge management, change management etc. are also other activities that are performed by human resource management (Boxall and Purcell, 2003).
To manage appropriately and efficiently through the human resource management, there is need of certain models. These models can provide the outline for the industry by this it can formulate the strategies to achieve the competitive advantages. (Maund, 2001)
There are various models, emerged in human resource management after a lot of research that fits in the hotel industry. Two models Michigan model of HRM and Harvard model of HRM are discussed here (Kok Jan de et al., 2003).
Fombrun, Tichy and Devanna has developed Michigan model of HRM in 1984 and this model is also called as matching model and its assumed to best approach in human resource management. As Michigan model is considered as hard model of human resource management, human resources are treated as like the other resources of the organization such that money, machines or equipment etc. top down approach is followed in this model as top management controls all the activities and human resources has to follow them. (Price, 2011)
As ultimate goal of every organisation is to achieve the goals and objectives of organization, all human resource management policies and practices are geared towards organisational performance (Maund, 2011)....

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