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Managing Effective Teams Essay

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Managing an effective team is different from managing a group. A group is generated from members within the same vicinity for purposes of sharing and implementing information. A group helps themselves in sharing new information but maintains their working relations beyond such tasks. On the other hand, teams are generated for the purpose of completing a specific assignment. These individuals are not usually together but have similar levels of expertise within their own realm of the organization. Because of this formation diversity, conflict occurs and must be managed, corrected, and resolved properly (Buhler, 2006).Moreover, the basis of my team selection during the first simulation was to ...view middle of the document...

Her lifestyle is consumed with extracurricular activities that could link the team to needed resources. Furthermore, with these activities she must be capable of following through to achieve what needs to be achieved.My individual choices, for each position, were not suitable for the creation of an effectiveteam. Every choice I made was contradicted by what Sarah (my boss) would have suggested. However, my job was to continue with the choices I had made. Then, I was to make the correct choices, in the given scenarios, faced by my created team. Furthermore, the scenarios were possibilities of what is likely to occur when team selection is faulty.To this aim, I did not take into consideration the time in which each member was hired by the organization. Next, I did not create a diverse atmosphere of personality, nor skill. Because I thought cultural diversity would be sufficient in initiating productive conflict, I assumed that this was the only diversity needed. However, the lack of personality diversity forced me to initiate a devil's advocate. This devil's advocate would instigate the needed conflict for the sake of innovation and team efficiency (Pomeroy, 2006).Furthermore, the scenario was limited to similarities within individual skill and ability. Thus left little room for creativity and innovation; thus, each member went along with the next and omitted the desirable element of risk. Risk can be associated with creating positive conflict yet I did not experience much conflict in the first simulation. Because the team was could mingle and be excessively pleasant with one another, this sociable scenario made it possible for excessive groupthink and social loafing (Pomeroy, 2006).The decision to strengthen individual performance and improve team efficacy occurred when Marcell began to noticeably withdraw from the team. He seemed to lack the energy and job satisfaction that needed for the team to be effective. Because team success begins with each individual, the team worried that his non-participation could affect the team's common purpose. Then, I made the decision and determined Marcell's cause of withdrawal was lack of interest and challenge. This decision was reason to remind Marcell of the team's common purpose. In conclusion, I instituted training and rewards for improved performance and compliance (Buhler, 2006).Furthermore, individual performance was affected by groupthink. The team members were close in their abilities and skills. These similarities limited the "out of the box" ideas that are needed to befall an above average organization. Because groupthink is best tackled with task conflict, the decision to implement a devil's advocate would have been the best choice. Therefore, the devil's advocate would be a single person; bringing up choice topics; invoking group creativity (Robbins, 2005).However, I decided that each individual should bring forth argumentative topics, suggestions, and concerns in a group setting. Because the...

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