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Managing Change Essay

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Module name: Managing people and performance
Intake: UC3F1511BM
Date: 01/28/2016
Submitted by: Muhammad Hasnain Mehboob
Word count: 2145
Introduction 4
Their cause towards the society 4
Business fact and figures 5
Importance of performance management 5
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Unilever’s purpose and principle is to achieve the highest standard of corporate behavior towards everyone the work and communicate with. The company wants to make a positive impact through their brands and commercial operations through voluntary contributions and other ways in which they can engage with the society.
Business fact and figures
Unilever has been succeeding in their causes and have excelled in the previous years; their turnover for the year 2015 was 53.3 billion pounds, with having 13 brands whose sale are over a billion pounds in a year. Unilever has an employee family of over 172,000 employees, with 43% of their managers being women. The biggest achievement for this planet loving company has been that they have reduced their waste impact by 12% since 2010 (Ramanna, 2012).
Performance management system develops different paths which are to be followed in order to achieve high employee satisfaction, performance efficiency and increased stakeholder value. This process makes the needed additions of the important aspects needed such as efficient movement and communication in order to fulfill the development for achieving the established goals.
Importance of performance management
Performance management is needed to measure and compare the actual outcomes, with the expected or planned outcomes. The idea is to keep on improving by maintaining a strong communication link between the employee and the employer.
“For effective monitoring of the progress made towards achievement of the organizational goal, it requires adequate feedback from the employers and as well as the employees. And performance management ensures maximum feedback. Application of these vital information derived from their feedback for assessing the overall performance should be considered as an effective technique concerning performance matters” (Anstey et al., 1976; Fletcher 1993).
Though it should be noted that performance management and performance appraisal are two different things, appraisal is only a part of performance management which provides a framework for evaluating employee’s performance, this report will also deal with performance appraisal techniques Unilever has adopted for upgrading their standard of performance. A complete performance management is supposed to look after:
Organization objective
Everyday performance
Professional strategy
Reward strategy
Unilever Performance management and performance appraisal
Unilever connects the appraisal techniques with predetermined goals of the company in order to get an efficient strategic performance management system. The technique Unilever uses for this purpose is called the scorecard approach.
Performance management: Scorecard Approach
The company has been using the scorecard approach for years now; it helps the managerial personnel’s in converting strategies into well-structured performance measures. The scorecard approach offers a common platform for the...

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