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Managing Business Essay

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MAHIRA CORPORATE TRAINING MAHIRA Corporate Training is an organization dealing with providing skills and knowledge to whoever is in need of learning new skills or enhancing their current ones. MAHIRA Corporate Training does not engage itself with long courses it only provides short Professional Certifications. This organization plays an important role in the bringing up of a very productive, effective and efficient work force through its very up to date training material and very practical and interactive methods of training. MAHIRA Corporate Training deals with the provision of a wide scope of training packages targeting almost all professions. MAHIRA Corporate Training is the most ...view middle of the document...

SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856 - 1915) discovered that employees sometimes tend to avoid performing to the best of their abilities because of the fear that management might raise the amount of tasks to be accomplished and at the same time not increase the pay or some other employees would lose their current jobs.
In relation to that, there were no fixed systematic rules to guide the workers to do the job efficiently; the workers conducted the jobs just by the use of rule of thumb and trial and error. In response to the inefficiencies observed, Taylor Developed four principles of Management, the four principles will be explained in detail and specifically with the direct relation to MAHIRA Corporate Training. APPLICATIONS OF SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT MAHIRA Corporate Training’s management team applies all four of Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management in one way or another, below each principle will be stated then followed by explanations of how the principle is related to the organization. Scientifically study each part of a task and develop the best method of performing the task. The management has studied each part of a task and developed the best method for performing the task, for instance, the sales department; there are standard methods for all the sales people to follow in order to effectively advertise and obtain customers. The sales team, have a step by step description of how to conduct Tele Marketing calls, how and what color themes and images to incorporate into their printing material, how and when to set up a booth for marketing purposes. Everything is very clear to all the salesmen team; hence there is a standardized procedure throughout the whole organization. This principle not only applies to the Sales Department only, but also throughout all the organizational departments, such as, the Training, administration, accounting and finance departments. Carefully select workers and train them to perform the task by using the scientifically developed method. This is a very critically implemented principle in the organization, the organization has a whole department dedicated to selecting and training workers, and the Human Resource department is responsible for all that. The Human Resource department advertises for each and every vacant position to the general public, accepts the application letters and resumes. After that it deals with choosing the best applicants and calling them in for an oral interview. After the oral interview the most suitable candidates will be pinpointed and then finally hired into the organization. Before the newly hired workers start working for the organization, they will go through a very detailed and thorough orientation process which will introduce them to organization’s policies and also the standardized method of conducting the job he/she is assigned to. Co-operate fully with workers to ensure that they use proper ...

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