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Managing A Daily Teaching Schedule Essay

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Managing a Daily Teaching Schedule Part 2
Tammy Dyke
August 26, 2011
Julie Gruber

Managing a Daily Teaching Schedule Part 2
The teaching profession is like any other profession because there is just not enough time in the school day. Teachers need to use time management techniques to make the best of the time allotted for each class. Today the discussion explains how teachers may use time effectively. The discussion explains three time management techniques. The three time management techniques to be discussed are schedule solid blocks of teaching time, use time more efficiently, and effective transitions. The effect the three time management techniques have on the teachers’ daily schedule is explained. The discussion explains the ways the three techniques helps improve teachers’ success. The discussion also explains the ways each of ...view middle of the document...

The key is to maximize instructional time to ensure daily schedule is kept. Teachers’ success levels will increase and therefore there is less stress.
The second time management technique is teachers must learn to use time more efficiently. For example, organization is a key part of using time efficiently, such as color coding folders for filing cabinet so material is easier to access. A computer is another way to file paperwork. Throw away excess papers and books no longer needed. A teacher may buy baskets for incoming and outgoing paperwork. Teachers who are organized can maintain a daily schedule because there is no wasted time looking for material. Teachers well organized will have better success levels and less stress.
The third time management technique is effective transitions from one subject to the next subject. Easy transitions from one subject to the next subject will allow the class to continue flowing. Teachers who keep the class flowing will keep students attention and teachers will experience less disruptions or poor behavior from students. Teachers may post an outline of the routine transition times for students to learn. If transitions are done effectively the teachers can maintain schedule. The teachers’ success levels will increase and teachers will have less stress because the class keeps flowing.
In conclusion, effective time management is a very important part of the teachers’ daily job. Teachers need to ensure less class interruptions’ so class does not have to stop. Teachers need to schedule time effectively through proper organization so time is not spent wasted looking for class material. Teachers also need to ensure transitions flow continual from one subject to the next. If a teacher follows the three techniques discussed the daily schedule may be kept, success levels improve, and therefore there is less stress.

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