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Managerial Skills Essay

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* Management is about decision making and developing good relationship to get work well done.
* The managerial skills include the following:

1.Conceptual Skills.
* This includes the ability to view the organization as whole,understand how the various parts are interdependent and access how the organization relates to its external environment.
* Managers need conceptual skills to make adjustments when problems occur since they have back up strategies.
* Conceptual skills are needed in planning,organizing,controlling systems,decision making,co-ordinating and delegating,identification of opportunities for innovation,selecting critical information from ...view middle of the document...

* Specialised areas of knowledge and expertise the ability to apply that knowledge makes up manager’s technical skills.
* Managers need them to understand the types of tasks they manage.
* Managers who are closer to the actual production process use their technical skills more frequently than high level managers.
* Preparing a financial statement,programming a computer,designing an office building and analyzing market research are all examples of technical skills.
5.Problem Solving Skills.
* They are also known as the design skills.
* A manager should know how to identify a problem.
* He should possess an ability to find the best solution for solving any specific problem.
* This requires intelligence,experience and up-to-date knowledge of latest developments.
6.Monitor Employee Performance.
* Employee performance need to be monitored in mutually accepted ways,policies and procedures.
* Conferencing should be on a regular basis and not just when there is a problem.
* Assessments and evaluations should be done regularly.
* Individual and group conferencing should be undertaken not only to monitor performance but with the expectations of on-going professional development and support.
* There should be frequent encouragement and clear criteria for on-going goals both for the group and individual.
7.Leadership Skills.
* Leadership skills is the ability to influence human behavior.
* A manager requires leadership skills to motivate the workers.
* They help the manager to get the work done through the managers.
8.Diversity Skills.
* A good manager needs to be able to develop good working conditions with all people regardless of how they differ from one another.
9.Implementation of Professional Development Programs.
* A good leader evaluates weaknesses and provides training and development strategies to strengthen the weaker skills in the team.
10.Time Management Skills.
* This is about being efficient and effective in setting priorities...

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