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Employee performance can be developed through career development or talent management | December 9
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1.Introduction 4
2. Company Profile 5
3. Mission 6
4. Vision 6
5. Literature Review: 7
6. Research Question: 9
7. Research Methodology: 9
8. Research Findings and Analysis: 14
9. Further Development of Talent Management: 25
10. Talent Management in Developed & Developing Countries: 26
11. Conclusion: 27
12. References: 27


We are over whelmed in all humbleness and gratefulness to acknowledge our debt to all those who have helped us to move these ideas well above the level of simplicity ...view middle of the document...

As a leading IT company, they are providing end to end solutions for Bank, Financial Institute, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals and Telecom Industry. They bring to you a team of talented individuals dedicated to creativity, service and efficiency. They are purely devoted to bringing clients noticeable transformations in their operational efficiency and we strive to provide inventive end-to-end IT solutions which are unsurpassed in value and quality. They look forward to demonstrating the exceptional skills and initiatives this country has to offer.
Currently the world is seeing technology take over the numerous aspects of an enterprise, business and all its organizational/managerial aspects and beyond. Information technology today creates opportunities past generations could only dream of—new business models, new markets, and new ways to connect with employees, partners, suppliers, and customers. IT Infrastructure does more than just collaborating hardware with supporting software. As businesses depend more and more on IT systems, these are just a few of the questions on the minds of today’s IT leaders-
* If our systems go down, how quickly can we recover?
* Is our information protected?
* Are we compliant with policies and regulations?
* How much data will we lose?
* Will the systems we depend on remain available?
* Can it be shared safely?
These questions are answered by robust IT Infrastructure solutions that take care of these issues. IT complexity adds additional challenges. Driven by rapid data growth, physical and virtual platforms and new service delivery models- IT complexity increases risk exposure, hampers productivity, and increases operational costs. These challenges are mitigated with risk-managed designs, redundancy of data, disaster recovery systems/schemes and many more.
With a diverse array of IT experience, they bring the promise of change, the change that will take your organization into the future. And in Bangladesh GPIT plays an vital role which is legend for any IT sectors in Bangladesh arena.

2. Company Profile
GPIT is the pioneer in providing mobile content solutions with state of the art CMS platform. They have strong partnerships with content providers both locally and internationally. They deliver a wide range of contents solutions to enhance your business growth. GPIT provides following solution & services: Managed Service Content Aggregation Content Sourcing Platform Integration & Management WAP Portal Development Node Integration SMS based solutions: GPIT provides industry standard SMS based solutions. Enterprises are seeking for easy to go solutions to enhance business operations, sharing business information to maximum audience, accelerate business growth and to capture market information faster. GPIT delivers customized solutions considering your business needs and ensure your participation with technological advancement. GPIT offers following SMS based solutions for you: SMS...

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