Managerial Communication Case Study

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Company Profile in Brief:
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1. Rigid & unwise organizational culture:

Reference: Local community has little access to the huge establishment for their livelihood. They do not even get a chance to say their Friday prayer at the nice mosque made for the staff only.

Outcome: The local community is hostile to the outsiders who are serving there.

Reason behind Rigidity:
• Absence of the multinational corporate culture to “ACT LOCALLY”.
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The dominant CBA leaders are local non-management employees with strong ties with the local MP instead of their tie to the professional standing to safeguard company interest.

Outcome: CBA are operating to fulfill their respective interest instead of company interest. Moreover, grouping in CBA itself has been formed which is alarming and indicating that, company is not doing enough to ensure employee interest & as a feedback employee themselves are looking for ensuring their own benefit forgoing the good work ethic of SERVICE BEFORE SELF. This is a sure threat to the company’s mainstream function of generating profit at a accelerating rate by way of continuous enrichment in production, since CBA is not busy in enriching the company interest instead of enriching themselves.

Reason behind Improper Control over employee & internal CBA agents:
• In spite of allowing formal CBA presence, company has no clear operation circular in practice regarding “TO DO” & “NOT TO DO” for such groups along with Reward & Punishment provision.
• Company might not have adequate provision to ensure employee benefit and motivational tools.
• Absence of scientific recruitment & Job Rotation within the plant.
• Failure to offer their employee a motivating work environment to offset the dominance of CBA and formation of chaotic grouping within the plant.
• Forgoing the grapevine practiced by the employees at different level and not using this for company’s interest.
• Lack of concentration to assist in building up interpersonal relationship among workers to neutralize third party influence over them and curbing unwanted ties with such parties.

• Company should formulate “TO DO & NOT TO DO” under internal service rule for CBA along with Reward & Punishment provision which is subject to be applied collectively rather than to a individual.
• Company shall ensure continuous involvement of its’ employees throughout the year & shall have the provision to offer rewards to the employees on the basis of performance & good work ethic. Such involvement can be generated by
- Rewarding best employee of the month – individual department wise.
- Rewarding most dependable employee of the company.
- Rewarding most industrious employee of the company who might avail least
number of leave throughout the year.
• Ensuring scientific recruitment & staffing and maintaining job rotation at the plant to neutralize unbecoming influence of CBA by way of diminishing the chance to form any unwanted ties amongst employees which might hinder collective goal of the company.
• Ensuring motivating work environment by way of adoption of certain policies, like event management on periodic basis. Various games, film show, in-house publication can be arranged within the plant involving the employee & their family...

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