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Managerial Communication Essay

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Lois Bombara
Managerial Communication
MAN 373, June 2010

Conflict over Job Duties
Because of the rapid growth of the company in the last six months there is an increase in sales volume and this has caused both the credit office and the accounting office to be busier than normal. A conflict with the job duties of Ruth Rankin, the administrative assistance in the credit department, has not been able to help the credit office as much as she use to in the past. Ruth works for Jose Martinez, the manager of the sales department. Because the accounting department is located next door to the sales department, and is ...view middle of the document...

When Sims first approached Martinez, she was trying to force him into her way of thinking. Instead of Martinez being intimidated he was confrontational. That then put them a competition style of conflict. Both chose the wrong management style in dealing with the conflict between them. This has caused Sims to be in competition with Martinez for Ruth’s assistance. If this conflict is not handled effectively, the results can be damaging. In many cases, effective conflict resolution skills can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes. Sims and Martinez need to agree to the problem they are trying to solve before they can find a mutually acceptable solution.2 They each need to feel satisfied with the resolution, and both need to brainstorm possible solutions, and be open to all ideas. Then they need to try to negotiate a possible solution.
Sims needs to show Martinez that by compromising on Ruth’s duties she would be able to satisfy both their needs. Ruth’s job description could be rewritten with both Sims and Martinez having input to change it to match the increase in sales and transactions. Neither would have to feel they were giving up production in their department at the expense of helping the other department. Sims could show that with the increase in sales there is a need for another person in the accounting department and that Ruth would only help out till...

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