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Managerial Assessment And Development Essay

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Individual Work- Week 3
1. Why was there a shift from the trait to the behavioral theory paradigm?
- Behavioral theory has been established from the traits of a human or a leader’s personality.
2. How is leadership behavior based on traits?
- As we all know the behavioral theory should only focus on the leader’s behavior but it does not all the time. A leader’s behaviors originally come from the personal traits or attitudes that a leader has.
3. What are the University of Iowa leadership styles?
- The university of Iowa leadership studies found two different leadership styles which are…. a) Autocratic Leadership style and b) Democratic Leadership style.
4. What are the ...view middle of the document...

- Critics suggested that different leadership styles are more effective in different situations. Thus, a contribution of behavioral research is that it led to the shift in paradigm to contingency leadership theory.
- A second contribution of behavioral leadership theory was the recognition that organizations need both production and people leadership.
- A third related contribution of behavioral leadership theory supports co leadership

9. What is motivation, and why is it important to know how to motivate employees?
- Motivation is a process of inspiring people in an organization to make them work better and harder towards achieving goal. The motivation can be anything for instance giving more bonus than regular salary.
- There are plenty of reasons why we should know how to motivate employees;
a) In order for the leader to make all employees work properly.
b) A motivation can be done by saying that you did a good job
c) Motivation can be by giving some extra bonus to the employees too.
10. What are the content motivation theories?
- ¬the content motivation theory focus on explaining and predicting behaviors based on people’s needs. The initial reason for people to do what they like to do is to meet their needs.
11. What are the process motivation theories?
- Few theories that fall into expectancy, equity theory and so on. This theory normally gives the idea on how a motivation takes place. It also explains for something what happened and how.

12. What are the types and schedules of reinforcement theory?
- ¬ proposes that through the consequences for behavior, people will be motivated to behave in predetermined ways. Reinforcement theory uses behavior modification (apply reinforcement theory to get employees to do what you want them to do) and operant conditioning (types and schedules of reinforcement).

Case study question and answer
1. Which...

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