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Managerial Analysis And Communication

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Managerial Analysis and Communication
Case Analysis
“Adimpur Gram Vikas Sahakari Mandali”

Group Assignment-1
Date of Submission –14th July, 2008

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Prof. Debi Prasad Misra

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Section –A
Amit Goel Roll no- 28030
Suman Roll no-28017
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Suruchi Roll no-28037

Institute of Rural Management, Anand


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Thus, the interest of all the villagers should be taken into consideration such that it leads to a consensus without resulting in social disharmony.
Saiyed should save the tank and prohibit any kind of cultivation in the area. Not doing this could result in illegal occupation of the whole tank which can lead to its extinction. This shall allow the people to utilize the tank as well as maintain social harmony in the village.


Adimpur Gram Vikas Sahakari Mandali (AGVSM) is a cooperative society in Adimpur village of Gurjar state started formally in 1998, with a total membership of 176 people as of now. This cooperative is sponsored by Gramin Vikas Agency (GVA), a voluntary organisation, with the aim to enhance all-round development of Adimpur village by giving technical and financial support to its members so that they can take up income generating activities both individually and also on a collective basis. The main reason for GVA in sponsoring this cooperative can be attributed to its vision to promote village-level institutions as a tool for sustainable rural development. Main activities of this cooperative included providing wage employment to its members, Loan assistance to members, supply of agricultural inputs and marketing of members’ produce.

Even though the cooperative is serving its members through the above activities, 19 members have expressed their dissatisfaction and wanted to withdraw their contribution from the Mandali’s pool of its member’s savings fund.

The main decision makers of this case include: (1) Shri. Shiva Raman, Programme Co-ordinator, GVA (2) Shri. Bhimbhai Amin, Programme Organiser (Watershed Development), GVA (3) Shri. G. Krishnaswamy, Programme Organiser (People’s Organisation), GVA (4) Shri. Mahipat Sinh, Pramukh, Mandali.

Adimpur is a tribal village with a total population of 1147 of which 1089 (95 %) belongs to Vasara tribe with 46 (4 %) Chaudhary tribe and 12 (1%) Kotwalia, who are Harijans.

While looking at the case facts, it may be noted that GVA is able to create a good developmental impact in the village by creation of this Mandali and also due to the plantation project in nearby degraded forest and revenue land.

2.1 SWOT Analysis

It would help us in focusing at internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external
environment in terms of opportunities and threats so as to facilitate easy understanding of the situation.

|Strengths: There is no need of high capital expenditure initially|Weaknesses: Too much dependence on one person (Mary Y) for the |
|and once it is started it can go with self-generated funds. |production process. |
|Opportunities: The demand has always been brisk and there aren’t |Threats: Despite monopoly the per candle price is fixed by the |
|any other candle makers in the neighborhood, so they are enjoying|govt. It is under KIDB and so the govt. decision plays a very |

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