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Managements Role Essay

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Select a Business with less than 50 employees and a business with more than 500 employees.
Write a 2-3 page paper that addresses the following information:
• A brief overview of each organization of each:
• A description of the hierarchical organization of each
• How the hierarchical organization does or does not work within each business and why
• The IT function of each organization
Management roles are different in each organization depending on the size of the organization. The following paper will discuss the management roles in a business like WAWA Gas Station/Store which has less than 50 employees and a business like K-mart which has more than 500 employees.
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Because of the low number of employees to manage in an independently owned franchise setting the hierarchical organization for Wawa or Owner of that franchise has the power to organizing, planning, leading and controlling their employees in this situation. The manger’s role is less strenuous than a bigger Organization with more employees than 50. Because of fewer employees turnover ratio the overall work is at a more manageable level.
The IT functions of organization:
For Wawa store IT functions would consist of connection of hardware and software, networking, and maintenance.

A business with more than 500 employees:
The business I selected with more than 500 employees is K-Mart. The business with more than 500 employees poses more of a challenge to be successful and profitable. Kmart is the number three discount retailer in the US. It sells name-brand and private-label goods, mostly to low- and mid-income families. Many Kmart stores sell home appliances and some locations has house in-store pharmacies. K-Mart is a retail stores and located all over the...

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