Management Vs. Leadership Essay

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Leadership vs. Management
Laura Rouse-DeVore

The relationship between Leadership and Management is, perhaps, one of the most impactful and significant relationships that exists in organizations currently. The intersection and overlap of management and leadership, in addition to the polarity between the two are ideas that have been studied for many years. One certainty is that management and leadership go hand-in-hand. (What is the difference between Management and Leadership?, n.d.)

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Leaders focus on leading people and propelling the members of their group or team towards success. Leadership centers around engaging the team or group in creative problem solving and using the leaders’ personal charisma and commitment to set the tone and drive the team forward to excel and achieve, meeting goals along the way. In leadership, power is established through charisma and influence. (Leadership vs. Management, n.d.)

Management and Leadership: The Comparison
Even though management and leadership are radically different in practice and by definition, the fact remains that the both retain necessary existences within the structure of organizations. Management refers to processes, such as budgeting, staffing, measuring, and analyzing. It is an essential part of the operations of an organization. Leadership is more about propelling the organization forward, setting goals and a compelling vision, motivating employees to perform, and setting performance and behavior examples. It is also an essential part of the foundation of the organization. And that is how leadership and management relate, but also how they are differ at the same time. They are similarly applied in organizations because both have significant and essential roles, which they play in terms of the success of the organization. (Leadership vs. Management, 2013)
The differences between leadership and management exist in the application of the two within the structure of organizations. That being said, management is something that can be taught and learned. Strong and skilled management is a need that every company has. But, management skills can be learned and developed in people somewhat easier than leadership skills. Leadership is something that can be discussed and studied and even honed within a person. But the argument exists that leadership skills are something that are not easily attained and that they inherently exist in certain people or that people are born with certain characteristics that make them strong leaders. It is the difficulty of attaining and developing leadership skills that have made strong and effective leadership somewhat scarce within organizations.
Yet, another school of thought exists that management within an organization must be increasingly replaced...

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