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Management Values Essay

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A Manager can be of any age, ethnic group or from either sex. Managers usually supervise employees and have their separate duties to complete. The only thing that all managers have in common is that they all work in an organizational environment. A manager’s primary purpose is to coordinate the efforts of others in a way that accomplishes the goals of their organization (Robbins, DeCenzo, Coulter, pg., 5-6).
Saint Leo University’s core value of Integrity tells us that members of their organization must embrace the school’s “mission” and carry it out. Members of Saint ...view middle of the document...

For this reason, Managers must behave in a manner that reflects the values of their organization. A manager with integrity can help their team by ensuring team members that each will be treated fairly, showing no favoritism. A manager with integrity should set reasonable goals for their team to complete and participate to achieve the set goals. A manager should not be concerned about their personal achievements. On the other hand, a manager should be focused on their group completing their work in a manner that coincides with their organizational goals. A manager with integrity will take time to acknowledge each team member’s individual effort. A manager that lacks integrity may put their personal goals before those of their team. An example would be a manager that is seeking individual recognition for work completed by an entire group. Poor managers tend to lack integrity, which causes their employees also to lack integrity because employees are more apt to work hard and do the right thing if they have a leader that exhibits these qualities as well.


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