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Management Tools Essay

1844 words - 8 pages

Exercise 2 : Management Tools
Case Study
March 8, 2015

Table of Contents

Root Cause Analysis | |
Executive Summary | 3 |
Body of Report | |
Problem | 3 |
Cause | 3 |
Analysis | 4 |
Solution | 4 |
Conclusion | 4 |
Activity Based Accounting | |
Executive Summary | 5 |
Body of Report | |
Problem | 6 |
Cause | 6 |
Analysis | 6 |
Solution | 7 |
Conclusion | 7 |
Process Mapping | 7 |
Executive Summary | 7 |
Body of Report | 8 |
Problem | 8 |
Cause | 8 |
Analysis | 8 |
Solution | 9 |
Conclusion | 9 |
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We are aware that there is a recession that has impacted business. We considered the following areas for causes: equipment, process, people, materials, environment and management.

Texas is the state with the most profitable companies in North America. Similar companies in other states are profitable and minimally impacted by the recession. The problem was analyzed using a fish diagram for cause and effect. Twelve categories were identified as depicted on the diagram. The equipment being used is outdated and of low quality. The Processes used are not efficient or standardized. The People are poorly trained and have a high turnover. The materials used are poor quality and the suppliers are unreliable. The environment is highly competitive and we have low name recognition in the market. The management team is not cohesive and contributes to high overhead.

The equipment quality must be replaced with newer and higher quality product. The processes need to be standardized to be efficient. The people need to be skilled and paid well to reduce turnover. New suppliers are needed to have reliable and high quality materials. Marketing to increase brand recognition is required in a competitive market and the management team needs to be streamlined and must work together.

The fishbone diagram (attached in appendices) identified six areas that were used to conduct a cause and effect analysis. Twelve causes were identified. The Texas retrofit company can become profitable by addressing the causes and implementing the solutions as presented.

Activity Based Accounting

Executive Summary
ABC must determine the direction of growth the company between the two alternatives of typical and customized customers. The company has grown over the past three years and our fixed costs are high. ABC has started to see a rise in the demand for customized servers. The standard product price for a typical product is $500. The price for a customized product is $2000. There are 3,200 typical customers representing $1,600,000 in sales and 200 customized customers representing $400,000 in sales. The customer service overhead for typical customers is $50,000 and for customized $450,000. The cost of service per typical customer is $15.625 per customer and for customized is $2,250.00. I recommend we grow our business by increasing the typical product customer. The cost and operational flow diagram (see appendices) assigns the cost of each activity of the product according to actual consumption. The flow chart identifies that servicing cost per typical customer is much lower than the servicing cost of the customized product customer.

Our company, ABC provides hosted servers. We have seen a rise in demand for customized servers. We must determine the direction of growth the company between the two alternatives of typical and customized customers.

The company has grown over the past three years. Our fixed...

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