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Management Theories Essay

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‘Discuss how important it is in 2013 for managers to be able to understand and apply management theories in the workplace.’

Managers a huge part of a organisation they are arguably the main drivers to the success of the organisation as they are the ones that have control of the human and non-human resources, how they control these resources determines is the organisation achieves its over all goals. It is so important that managers do control these resources correctly that there has been extensive research in to how to be a good manger, this research has meant that we now have management theories. I will be discussing four management theories including behavioural management ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes a manager can’t give there employees some of there needs this is usually the case with psychological and love/belonging but managers can help with the safety by providing a safe working environment and also a safe job, they can also offer things like health insurance. Managers can also help with esteem by having regular meetings to talk about how the individual doing telling them what they are doing well and maybe a few things they need to improve. The final category is self-actualisation one way a manager can enforce this is by giving individuals different tasks to do that will make them think more than there day to day jobs.

This is a very important theory for a manager to understand and apply because it will allow them to not just get more motivation out of their employees but too also be able to connect to them more which means that they can find out exactly what their employees want.

Behavioural management theory - Application
One example of this theory being applied in the real world is with the company that owns a few big name restaurants and that company is Darden Restaurants. Darden restaurants has 8 brands which include well known names such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse. The new CEO of Darden's Restaurant, Clarence Otis, Jr. has changed his leadership style since becoming the CEO of Darden Restaurant’s group. Clarences experiences as the CEO of the Darden group had made him realise how important team management is. He has learnt many things one of them is that with modern work building a team is more important than getting work done. So to build a team better he built Darden’s new headquarters in such away that it promotes and could facilitate team work, this included brining 1,400 executives together in one place whereas before they were all located in different places.

Contingency approaches - The situational model of leadership
Secondly contingency theory. Contingency theory is a theory that says there is more than one way to organise or lead a organisation. This is due to the many internal and external constraints, this means that the best way to manage a organisation depends on the internal and external constraints. This theory suggests theories such as Taylor's scientific management isn’t valid because it fails to take in to account other variables and assets. The contingency approach or the the situational model of leadership says that there is not one way to be a good manager or an effective manager, it says that it situation is different.

Contingency approaches - Application
One good example of this is as follows. Pat McGovern who is the founder and chairman of IDG takes each employee to the Ritz for lunch on their tenth anniversary of being at IDG, he does this to show that the company values them and to show that they are an important asset to the company. He also allows and encourages employees to make their own decisions on how to reach the companies goals. This management style is...

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