Management Stategic Essay

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twelfth edition

Strategic Management

Fred R. David


Prentice Hall



Preface 12 Acknowledgments 22 About the Author 27 Part 1 Overview of Strategic Management 34
Chapter 1 The Nature of Strategic Management 34
What Is Strategic Management? 36 Defining Strategic Management 36 • Stages of Strategic Management 37 • Integrating Intuition and Analysis 38 D Adapting to Change 39 Key Terms in Strategic Management 39 Competitive Advantage 39 • Strategists 42 • Vision and Mission Statements 43 Q External Opportunities and Threats 43 • Internal Strengths and ...view middle of the document...

Matrix for Walt Disney 251 Experiential Exercise 6D: Developing a QSPM for Walt Disney 252 Experiential Exercise 6E: Formulating Individual Strategies 253 Experiential Exercise 6F: The Mach Test 253 Experiential Exercise 6G: Developing a BCG Matrix for My University 255 Experiential Exercise 6H:The Role of Boards of Directors 255 Experiential Exercise 61: Locating Companies in a Grand Strategy Matrix 255

EXPERIENTIAL EXERCISES 2 9 4 Experiential Exercise 7A: Revising Walt Disney's Organizational Chart 294 Experiential Exercise 7B: Do Organizations Really Establish Objectives? 294 Experiential Exercise 7C: Understanding My University's Culture 295

Chapter 8 Implementing Strategies: Marketing, Finance/Accounting, R&D, and MIS Issues 296
The Nature of Strategy Implementation 298
Marketing Issues 298 S3 Market Segmentation 299 B Does the Internet Make Market Segmentation Easier? 302 O Product Positioning 302 Finance/Accounting Issues 304 Acquiring Capital to Implement Strategies 305 B Projected Financial Statements 310 B Projected Financial Statement Analysis for Mattel, Inc. 312 0 Financial Budgets 315 S3 Evaluating the Worth of a Business 316 B Deciding Whether to Go Public 320 Research and Development (R&D) Issues 320 Management Information Systems (MIS) Issues 322 EXPERIENTIAL EXERCISES 325 Experiential Exercise 8A: Developing a Product-Positioning Map for Walt Disney 325 Experiential Exercise 8B: Performing an EPS/EBIT Analysis for Walt Disney 325 Experiential Exercise 8C: Preparing Projected Financial Statements for Walt Disney 326 Experiential Exercise 8D: Determining the Cash Value of Walt Disney 326 Experiential Exercise 8E: Developing a Product-Positioning Map for My University 326 Experiential Exercise 8F: Do Banks Require Projected Financial Statements? 327

Part 3 Strategy implementation 258 Chapter 7 Implementing Strategies: Management and Operations Issues 258
The Nature of Strategy Implementation 260 Management Perspectives 261 Annual Objectives 262 Policies 264 Resource Allocation 265 Managing Conflict 266 Matching Structure with Strategy 266 The Functional Structure 267 B T h e Divisional Structure 268 B T h e Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Structure 270 B T h e Matrix Structure 271 Some Do's and Don'ts in Developing Organizational Charts 272 Restructuring, Reengineering, and E-Engineering Restructuring 275 H Reengineering 276 Linking Performance and Pay to Strategies 276 Managing Resistance to Change 278 Managing the Natural Environment 280 Creating a Strategy-Supportive Culture 282 The Mexican Culture 282 B T h e Japanese Culture 283 Production/Operations Concerns When Implementing...

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