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Management Roles Essay

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The roles and functions of a manager are very important. It takes certain qualifications for someone to be a good manager. Anyone can fill the position, but in order to get the job done and be an asset to the organization there are certain roles and functions that should be followed. Healthcare management can be slightly different than other management positions. Anyone that works in the healthcare should take their job very seriously. A patient’s health is so very important, and patients put a lot of trust into healthcare staff, therefore, as a healthcare worker we need to give 100% to our job all the time.
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While each function is important and should be followed by each manager, certain functions have a bigger impact in healthcare. Planning or organizing should be one of the two functions that should be followed first. Getting everything in order and then coming up with a plan of action is the most common way managers go about things. It is possible for managers to plan and then gather or organize everything that you need to reach your plan. Leading is another major function for managers. If a manager has employees that look up to them and take direction from them, it would be beneficial if the manager had good leadership skills. If a manager doesn’t have anyone under them, it isn’t as important for that manager to have leadership skills. The controlling function is another that varies. If a manager has employees under them, than having control could be critical, especially in a healthcare setting. A manager needs to make sure that the rules and HIPAA regulations are being followed, that an employee is doing what is best for the patient, and...

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