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Management Report For Hotel Moulin Vent

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1. Introduction

Hotel Moulin Vent is located in France, Medoc region, it is a historical building with beautiful sceneries be surrounded. The hotel owns winery and vineyard and serve quality wine and food to their guests, It was recommended by travelers who wants to have the ‘European Experiences’ with their friends and family from different countries. Although the hotel has very minimum internet / web advertising and little promotion and marketing efforts are done. They still have a good reputation form word of mouth referral. Now, the new owner Al- Majir group wants to make the property to be sustainable and more organized. We are here to analyze the main issues that the hotel ...view middle of the document...

Managers are solely responsible to deal with each specific HR issues and keeping the company policy be followed accordingly.
(What Are the Most Common Human Resources Issues, 2013)

Mr. DuPont, the current manager, he is obviously disqualify as a manager to supervise the daily operation and he has been quite lazy and dislike to taking responsibilities indeed. Manager is the leader and also a symbol of leading role in the company, but Mr. DuPont couldn’t control his own behavior as a competent manager, so, I doubt that if he can still hold up the leadership and managing the staff under him.

As most of the complaints are made to the restaurant and this situation has been lasting for a long time without any changes. The feedback from guests also directly address to the unprofessional and inefficient performance of the restaurant staff. All those issues could have been addressed earlier by effective HR measures.

2.3 Poor F&B management

According to the guest feedbacks, poor services and poor hygiene are the most common complaint to hotel restaurant and the staff seems like not interested in their work and even pride in their appearance with wearing of shabby uniforms.

Despite the lack of professionalism from the F&B staff and poor hygiene standard provided, there are still some loyalty guests returning to enjoy “the great food” , the staff doesn’t worry the poor hygiene standard may getting complaints but continue their behavior act like they not interesting in their works . Thus, the staffs need not to keeps existing guests happy and offer good services on targeting guests’ satisfaction to attract more guests.

To change the situation like that, the manager needs to improve the professionalism and change the attitude of the staff and motivate them, fresh their looks by changing the shabby uniforms.

2.4 ‘Single-Season’ business mode

The current operation mode of the hotel is year – around opening like all other hotels doing but use ‘Single – season ‘business which namely summer season business.

There was a greatly wasted by doing the ‘Single –Season’ business mode, we lost guests for the other three seasons and the hotel has to bare the negative income. No entertainment and promotions been offered by the hotel but mainly replying on the nature scenery as a main attraction to potential guests.

3. SWOT Analysis

Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats can help organizations when examining new strategies, programs and actions. Following is the detail SWOT analysis of Hotel Moulin Vent. (Ryan Goodrich, 09 Oct 2013)


1. Great food/ wine
2. Own Winery and Vineyards
3. Beautiful Scenery

The hotel is located at the main wine producing areas of France, Medoc region, they own winery and vineyard ,able to produce quality wine ,there are numbers of regular customers are enjoy the fun and unique wine experience with the...

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