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Management Report

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Management Report1.0 IntroductionThis report shows the management styles of United Parcel Service and Federal Express from they were founded. After reading the report, readers can know the similarities and differences between the two organizations’ management styles. The report has a number of limitations. All the data was collected from book, newspapers, journals and internet. No other sources were used.1.1 BackgroundUnited Parcel Service (UPS) was founded on 1907 as a messenger company in the United States ( 2004). Today’s UPS offers not only ground and air transportation, they have expanded the capabilities into ocean, rail and over-the-road freight product, ...view middle of the document...

2.0 Management Style of United Parcel Service and Federal ExpressUnited Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express (FedEx) are service companies which provided delivery services. They are global companies with admired brand in the world. They manage their business with their management style. The following paragraphs will show the management styles of UPS and FedEx and the comparisons through customer, management, leadership and employee.2.1 CustomerIn UPS, they focused on customer service such as provided online shopping for customers buying directly from the manufacturer (SWOT Analysis 2004). In response to customer requests, they provided a software application for making easy and efficiency to the process of international shipments ( 2003). Slogan of “Lowest Rates, Best Service” ( 2003) was their promise for customers. Employees were requested having the readily-available information about individual packages because it is valuable to their customers (Timothy, Earle J. 1995). They also focused on stabling and preserving long-term relationships with customers (SWOT Analysis 2004). For example, the advertising of “Brown helping you” has improved their relationships with customers (Yudkowsky, Chaim 2004: 16). Their automated information exchanged help them saving money but the most important advantage was bringing them closer to their customers ( 2003). Besides, UPS has a vision of having global commerce for its customers ( 2004). As a result, UPS has created a sustainable and customer focused culture.In FedEx, they have a customer-oriented culture. They always meet and go beyond customers’ needs for delighting them and make sure their customers with a loyalty. So, FedEx focused on customer services. For example, in January 2001, FedEx Global Logistics was recombined to streamline the organization and further better customer service ( 2004). FedEx’s diverse workforce, supplier base and supporting culture also enable them to improve their customer service ( 2004). They value their customer-focused employees as they think customers are very important. “FedEx customer-service standard are stringent such as every package must be delivered on time” (Management Development Review 1997: 112). They provided fast, precise, dedicated transportation service, personalized service and be the best at doing guaranteed for delighting their customers. FedEx also provided customer-specific solutions like if customer’ shipment requests an air charter, special handling or a late night call to home, FedEx will customize every respect of the process for meeting customers’ needs ( 2004).Besides, FedEx Kinko’s locations worldwide offered new or developed FedEx shipping options which included more than 400 stores in 24 hours service with seven days a week for customers’...

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