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Management Principles Essay

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Submitted to: Mahbub BaharSubmitted by: Barbora Babjakova ID: 120140|Subject Name: Management Principles (C6BMO1)Unit of Competency: Provide Leadership across the Organisation (BSBMGT605B)|

The mission

· Increasing efficiency
· Increasing profit and market share
· Empowering retail managers
· Promoting team work
· Improving competitive position
You should respond by adopting a new approach to strategy[->0] – one that combines speed[->1], openness, flexibility[->2], and forward-focused thinking[->3]. A company's Organizational Readiness[->4] may drive or inhibit its ability to act upon and implement new ideas[->5] and strategies, and to successfully manage ...view middle of the document...

This gives them pleasure from their work. - Law of the Four P's
Understanding work preferences[->7] is a critical component in developing individual, team and organizational performance. Team Management Systems' Team Management Profile Questionnaire is a 60-item assessment focused on enhancing understanding of an individual's approaches to work.
Based on responses to the profile questionnaire, the personal Team Management Profile provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual’s work preferences and the strengths that an individual brings to a team.
The Profile Questionnaire is ideal for team leaders and addresses all three sets of Linking Skills.
Active Listening|Objectives Setting|Motivation|
Communication|Quality Standards|Strategy|
Team Relationships|Work Allocation||
Problem Solving and Counseling|Team Development||
Participative Decision Making|Delegation||

In order to cope with this increasingly more change is centrally coordinated particularly where Information Technology changes are required. The complexity of many changes happening at the same time requires some key principles in addition to those above:
· Strong risk assessment
· Controlled resource allocation
· Phased approaches to implementation
· Clear staff involvement processes
· Detailed process analysis[->8]
· Clear accountabilities and responsibilities allocation[->9]
· Processes to learn and feedback into the change process itself
In addition the principles involved in defining and running projects are also useful checklists against which wider organizational Change Management can be compared. Evaluate the individual’s needs, motivation and values.

d) Team manager personal development

Constant presence and need and consequences having strong Change Management skills and approaches is the key for today’s leaders. As a leader keep in mind:
· Change is constant
· The more structured the change process the better chance of success
· Change will impact individuals in different ways
· People will travel the emotional journey of change[->10] in their own way and at their own pace
· We are all human and our needs and motivations[->11] will impact how we see and cope with change
· Change can be challenging and sometimes frightening and this needs to be understood
· Communication and engagement[->12], openness and honesty can help change progress
· Being inclusive wherever possible will lead to a better change process, less conflict and more understanding in the long term

Use the theories, approaches and topics above to improve your Change Management and improve your organization’s capability and ability to change and succeed.

The Personal Development for a team Manager has to look after his own personal development activities in five specific areas. In four of the areas (Spiritual development, citizenship, social and cultural attributes, and physical fitness) he plan...

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