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Management Planning Paper

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Management Planning Paper
Management Theory, Practice and Application
Ryan Ranger

In today's business there are several levels of management from your top levels to your front-line managers. At each one of these levels there is certain planning that needs to go on. When it comes to planning there needs to be a directed approach that gives a set of goals that can be accomplished at each level. Planning needs to be a thought out process that can incorporate certain situations and think of future objectives that need to be obtained.
In the process of planning there are certain actions that need to be put in to achieve these goals. At a minimum, planning should outline alternative ...view middle of the document...

They are mid level managers or tactical managers and frontline or operational mangers. These level of managers begin once the company's plans are identified. Once they get to this level they are starting to be more specific or involved from the strategic goals. The mid level managers are the ones that will start the transformation of the goals into more strategic ones to put them in actions. The frontline managers start the process of incorporating into action. They are the ones to start to get more people involved with the process of production, delivery and human services. Each level of management has its own responsibilities that come it evolved with the plans and goals of the company.
There is other issues that managers need to deal with when coming up with these plans or goals. They need to cover three major factors of legal, ethics and social responsibilities. Ever company needs to make sure each one of these topics are covered when trying to plan such goals. Ethics are decisions that underlie the values. Some issues that can come up are insider trading, bribery or scandals that can arise with in a business. Examples of some ethical issues that came up when Enron had there financial issue brought out.
A business does have social responsibilities to the public....

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