Management Planning And Ethics Paper

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Tamika N. Dunn

Management Planning and Ethics Paper

Mgt 330: Theory, Practice and Application

November 18, 2008


Within many organizations you may see that some things just aren’t the best that they

should be. In planning, management should really take into perspective that there are many

factors that come along with the job. For the record, management should be aware of all the legal

issues, ethics and corporate social responsibilities that may affect the planning in the

organization. All these factors are important and should be taken very seriously because of their

importance in the world. In this paper I plan to enlighten you on just how these ...view middle of the document...

We are never to leave any detailed

information for our patients unless we speak to them. Also when we have patients coming in for

visits we have to be mindful when they check in to remove their information before the next

patient comes so that no information id given away from our errors in following the law.


Society often places certain standards of conduct upon the people which are governed together into one organization. Groups of people who agree about what constitutes major unethical acts in the medical field, such as misdiagnosing or overmedicating, work to have their viewpoint written into laws that govern the entire organization of people. However, not all ethical areas are governed by law, such as lying to a patient or betraying a friend. Other areas of law, such as the debate on abortion or stem cell research, are considered ethical judgments made by governments on behalf of the people for the greater good. At the Medical we have staff from all over the world employed, and they are scattered all throughout the building. Although we have employees from all over the world they all in a sense seem to practice very differently. At the Medical Faculty Associates we just recently got a physician who is from Panama and just from him being here for a month he has changed things within our office. The patients that come to our office are very much aware of the perceptions that we have and they were looking for this treatment from him. The management at the Medical Faculty Associates did not take the time to explain to him our we go about handling patients with certain insurances and referrals verses the patients’ who are being seen for things that they know there insurance won’t cover. So since management has seemed to leave these issues undefined he is basically putting our patients at an all time high in financing. The patients’ insurances are not paying and this is happening because in Panama everyone paid for their services out of pocket and insurance wasn’t really a big factor to people in that country. Management is suffering because they are afraid to tell him just how we do it in the states due to the fact that they think he may not want to abide by the rules and leave. Also the fact that he is a foreign man and we have all American women, they fear he may think they are picking on him and nor offering just treatment amongst the...

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