Management Planning And Ethics Essay

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Management Planning and Ethics
Eloy J. Barraza
University of Phoenix
September 20, 2011
Rob Inglis

Management Planning and Ethics
Forever 21 are a clothing organization that is known worldwide. It started as a small clothing store in Los Angeles, California. The company grew into a corporate giant through careful planning and managing by its’ owners. This careful planning has impacted many things in the company such as, legal and ethical issues, corporate social responsibility and even the way the organization plans their new strategies and hires new managers for their stores.
Forever 21 is known as a store that has the latest fashion at affordable prices, the owners of Forever ...view middle of the document...

” (para. 2). Upon looking at the pictures shown in the website you can immediately tell they are the same garments with the same patterns and even the same colors. Forever 21 changed its business plan, its basic planning function into something that went against all the rules, it’s plan of the latest fashion trends at affordable prices, transformed into the latest fashion trends by copying others and making money of off them. The originality that once represented Forever 21 had just gone flying out the window. If one continues reading about this lawsuit in the link you’ll find out that Forever 21 was reprimanded by the judge himself, because of Forever 21’s long list of legal problems which up to this point have mostly been about stealing designs from other people.
The new planning strategy for Forever 21 also involved letting go of all ethics the company ever had when in 2011 the company was sued for using sweatshops to make their clothing. Cleeland  (2011), "A workers' advocacy group filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday against the popular teen clothing retailer Forever 21 Inc., alleging it engaged in unfair labor practices by systematically contracting work out to sweatshops.” (para. 1). That was not the only impact the planning strategy had on ethics however, as more was said by this lawsuit. Cleeland  (2011), " When the state failed to respond to their complaints, the workers agreed to sue, said Julie Su, legal director for the center. Some workers saved labels from the clothing they sewed as evidence linking their work to the retailer. Su said workers' testimony indicated Forever 21 sought out contractors willing to violate minimum wage and overtime laws.” (para. 4). Ethics definitely took second place to profits for Forever 21.
Forever 21 have had many lawsuits with most of them involving the same allegations over stealing designs from other companies or designers. It has fixed these lawsuits always out of court by paying off those who sue them. It would seem now that their planning strategy for management involves to just pay off those who sue them, because it is more profitable for them to continue stealing designs and making millions of dollars of off them...

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