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Management Planning Essay

1258 words - 6 pages

Management Planning
Shana Stefanski
Course: MGT/330
Peter Grove
University of Phoenix

Management Planning
Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer with $345 billion in sales in 2007 (Stumblerz, 2009). Being the world’s largest retailer store it is very necessary for Wal-Mart to have good management, plans, and goals. Without good management then Wal-Mart would not run as well as it does. There are some legal issues Wal-Mart runs into over the years, but they are very well taken care of. Management at Wal-Mart are people who have earned their place as management and are aware of their responsibilities and the other employees responsibilities as well. With the appropriate ...view middle of the document...

Wal-Mart faced a gender discrimination lawsuit in February 2007. According to Wal-Mart watch, on February 6th, 2007 the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled that Wal-Mart must face a class action lawsuit of 1.6 million female workers who are alleging that they were discriminated against in pay and promotions (2007). Management of the Wal-Mart stores has the ability to make sure everyone is treated equally while working at Wal-Mart. If there is a person that has been working for Wal-Mart for a certain amount of time it is their right to receive a raise and promotion. Now if Wal-Mart is only giving male’s raises and promotions then they are discriminating towards women. Making sure everyone is treated, as an equal will assure no legal issues with discrimination.
Many people have many different believes in today’s world. When managing a supermarket store such as, Wal-Mart it is important to make sure all types of people are satisfied. Wal-Mart had faced a lawsuit regarding the plan B emergency contraceptive. Wal-Mart was not carrying the medication and three women complained stating that it was illegal for Wal-Mart not to carry the medication. According to Wal-Mart Watch, Wal-Mart started carrying the plan B contraceptive a month after the lawsuit was filed (2006). Many people’s ethics get in the way of circumstances such as this because some people believe that it is wrong to have intercourse before marriage and other’s believe that plan B is used to abort babies. The issue with this type of ethic believes is that is should be the customers’ decision to use the medication or not. Wal-Mart should not have the right to say if a woman can use the medication or not. It should be available for use if it is legal to use.
Corporate social responsibilities are that economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary expectations that society has of organizations. Wal-Mart has the responsibility to make sure that rules are being followed and laws are not being broken. To have an honest organization, the laws should run the organization. According to Wal-Mart Watch, Wal-Mart has been taking advantage of a tax loophole that the federal government closed years ago, paying rent to itself then deducting it from state taxes in about twenty-five states (2007). This is morally, ethically, and legally wrong for an organization to do. To have a good organization it is one of the most important tasks, to pay the taxes for that organization.
Wal-Mart has many things that need to be planned for. One factor that would influence Wal-Mart’s planning would be the holidays. Wal-Mart is a great place to go for holiday decorations, gives,...

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