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Management Organizational Behavior Apple Essay

2440 words - 10 pages

Management Organizational Behavior
Prof. Agatep Hope

Individual Assignment
HE YUTIAN (Stephen)

Content Page
Page1----------Introduction of Apple
Page2--------- Organizational culture, design, structure
Page3--------- Management of conflict and motivation of employees & Conclusion
Page4------- Recommendation& Referencing List

If there is a survey about which business you believe is the most valuable and has most revolutionary influence on the society last ten years, it must be true that most of the people will choose Apple. From some professional evaluation about Apple, it describes Apple as an enterprise which has ability to take ...view middle of the document...

Its creative culture is implementing in every position in the company and provide a mass of inspire to let employees think and create differently. Also, its open and flexible management as well as structure enable every outstanding inspire can be applied, which will stimulate free creation and inspire by employees. Apple’s management focuses on trusting employees and creating a productive environment with Apples Values. Although Apple already is a legendary business, it’s impossible for it to avoid the influence by internal issues and external issues. The latest and the most serious internal issue must be the quit and death of Steve Jobs, which reflects that Steve Jobs’s generation is ended and Apple will step into a new stage. Apple not only is losing a top CEO who has top managerial ability as well as experience and excellent partnerships in the technology industry, but also a hero, a symbol and a culture in the entire business. Also, the signal problem of some iPhone reflects the quality of Apple’s products and designs are not good enough, which brings about the trust crisis of consumers and investors. It also is harm the organizational reputation and image which are famous of high quality and outstanding design. At the same time, Apple’s operation is affected by the external competition a lot. As the developing of Android, Samsung and Motorola are gaining more and more market share from Apple, and those companies already can follow the steps of Apple. More and more consumers of Apple are starting to accept the other brands’ products, and they believe the other brands can replace Apple well and ever better than it. Apple’s situation is not so perfect as most of people’s opinion. However, Apple’s organizational management still is an outstanding example for most of the business in the world, and worth to learn about it.
The reason why Apple enterprise is able to keep on developing its excellent operating and management is that Apple builds a mature system of organizational culture, design and structure. These three elements influence entire business system which includes all the employees. For the organizational culture, many experts believe a strong or weak culture can determine a business is successful or not. And it includes three levels which are behavior, values and beliefs and assumptions. Obviously, Apple is an enterprise with a very strong organizational culture which makes employees recognize the shared assumptions, values and beliefs. (Organizational culture, n.d.) According to Don Reisinger’s article from internet, it states that Apple’s corporate cultures are focusing on design, believing Apple is better than all others and believing in Jobs. (Don Reisinger, 2010) In technological market, Apple is famous, as it cares more about the design of the products more than other companies. Apple encourages its employees actively share their opinions and inspires, which can create an explicit direction for employees’ assumptions, values...

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