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Management Of Food Chain Essay

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As we all know, Globalization is the process of rapid integration of countries and happening through greater foreign trade and foreign investment. Along with the globalization process accelerating, more and more companies are not satisfied in only expanding the domestic market, so they begin to have their eyes on international marketplace. In the more mature markets of the industrialized world, there are also many opportunities and challenges as consumers’ taste become more sophisticated and complex, and as increased purchasing power provide them with the means of satisfying new demands.

The world is one big market for companies to take advantage of. There must be marketers in each ...view middle of the document...

The products and message from the company should be based on home values, but it should be able to cross country lines and incorporate the message to foreign markets. Third, marketing to global markets must be mixed with overseas organizations. Changing the marketing strategy to become a polycentric strategy is the best way to adapt to the needs of all the potential customers throughout the world. Fourth, the value of the product must be on demand in a global market. The company needs to focus on serving the needs over customers throughout the world; this is achieved by targeted marketing to individual countries and determining the customer needs in each country. Global strategies must be developed to recognize the financial aspect of each consumer and respond to different marketing ploys. Global marketing is unpredictable and marketers must be aware of different opportunities and be willing to adapt and create new products for global demands.

Because of First Food 焖鸡腿 chain has been very successful in major cities in China, and gain a lot of experience at the same time, so after carefully analysis our product feature and perspective of our product , our management decided to launch into the international market. When we decide which market to enter, we prepare alternatives to choose, after all factors considered, we finally choose a multicultural country----American market to enter. It is for the following considerations, we choose the USA. First, in view of the levels of economic development and national...

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