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Management Of Diversity In Chinese Based Companies

3833 words - 16 pages

Running head: Management of Diverse Workforce by Chinese-based Company

Term Project
Management of Diverse Workforce by Chinese-base Company
Prepared by Yuyi Wang
For Professor C.E. Reese
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for
BUS 673-Managerial Writing & Reporting
School of Business/ Graduate studies
St. Thomas University
Miami Gardens, Florida
Term A6/ Fall 2011

Table of Contents
Term Project 1
Management of Diverse Workforce 2
1. Introduction 2
a) Objective 2
b) Organization of text 3
2. What is Diverse Workforce? 4
a) The definition of Workforce Diversity 4
b) Diverse Workforce in Chinese-based companies 5
3. The history of ...view middle of the document...

The workforce diversity is playing a more and more important role in multinational businesses. China, which is one of the biggest exporting countries, has thousands of multinational corporations over the world.
As the world is becoming more and more globalized, Chinese-based companies’ businesses become more and more globalized. To deal with this change, employees from different places will be hired by these multinational companies. As a consequence, the way to manage a diverse workforce should be considered important to these Chinese-based companies.

b) Organization of text
According to the objective of this paper that we are discussing the way to manage a diverse workforce in Chinese-based companies, I first start this paper with defining the word “Diverse Workforce” which is same as “Workforce Diversity.” After fully understanding the definition of “Diverse Workforce” I go on to introduce the diverse workforce in Chinese-based companies. Of this section I will talk about the differences of workforce diversity between Chinese-based companies and general American companies.
Since we have clear knowledge of workforce diversity in Chinese-based companies, I will therefore discuss the management of diverse workforce. I will discuss the management of diverse workforce by general American companies and different ways to manage the diverse workforce in Chinese-based companies. Also, I will talk about several issues occurred with the management of diverse workforce by Chinese-based companies.
At last I will summarize the information to present a conclusion about the management of diverse workforce by Chinese-based companies. I will present four strategies that may be useful to mange a company’s diverse workforce.
2. What is Diverse Workforce?
a) The definition of Workforce Diversity
Workforce Diversity is a workforce that is more heterogeneous in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, age, and other characteristics that reflect differences. Generally speaking, a true diverse workplace includes a proportionate number of ethnic minorities and male and female workforce that reflect the racial and religious makeup.

b) Diverse Workforce in Chinese-based companies
As China is a country that has a totally different culture from United States and other western countries, workforce diversity in Chinese-based companies has a different makeup with local American companies as well.
In order to discuss the way how Chinese companies manage diverse workforce, I select several characteristics to define diverse workforce in Chinese-based companies: Culture diversity, have children or not, age diversity, generation diversity, religion diversity, disabilities and sexual orientation. (Today’s diverse workforce, Bob Rosner, Allan Halcrow, Alan S Levins, 2001) Some of these characteristics are almost the same with other kinds of companies but still have a few differences.
1. Culture Diversity: employees from all over the word are going to work in...

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