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Management Of Diabetes In Adults Age 65 And Older: An Evolving Concept Analysis

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Management of Diabetes in Adults Age 65 and Older: An Evolving Concept Analysis
Yaounde Ross
University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
N5327 Analysis of Theories in Nursing
Ronda Mintz-Binder, RN, MN, DNP
June 4, 2012

Management of Diabetes in Adults Age 65 and Older: An Evolving Concept Analysis
Managing chronic illnesses like diabetes is becoming progressively essential in high-risk groups. The concept of managing diabetes in persons 65 and older, carry much responsibility by those who provide care and those receiving care. With marvel surrounding the first set of baby boomers who turned age 65 in January of 2011; it ...view middle of the document...

According to Chia, Schlenck and Dunbar-Jacob, patients reported a lack of confidence in their provider’s ability to assist in effectively managing their health. In their review, the authors further emphasized the importance of the nurse’s ability to manage barriers by becoming culturally sensitive, in an effort to identify personal belief systems of the older adult patient through a thorough and proper assessment. Antecedents to managing barriers are the older adult patient’s cultural beliefs; criteria for managing barriers as expressed by the authors, are for the nurse provide patient with educations, supportive care; the building of trusting relationships that lead to consequences of the patients ability to adhere treatment regimen, thereby decreasing diabetic associated complications that will improve the patient’s sense of well-being and overall quality of life.
In their study Congelosi and Sorrell (2008) examines the use of creative measures to manage education between both the nurse and the patient interchangeably. The authors discuss the use of Geragogy a theory that is utilized to educate the older adult patient with chronic illnesses. As stated by Congelosi and Sorrell, encouraging the patient to tell their story will give the caregiver insight into the older adult’s struggles with self-management of chronic illnesses like diabetes. In this study Congelosi and Sorrell’s criteria of managing the diabetic patient is education; supportive care that will guide the patient through their treatment, while also building trusting relationship between the nurse and patient. Antecedents as stated by the authors are viewed as psychosocial distress. Stated consequences of managing diabetes in the older adult can offer the patient a greater sense of well-being and an improved quality of life.
Pun, Coates, and Benzie (2009) cites relevance of managing barriers that hinder the older adult diabetic patient from managing their own disease. In their examination the authors used the Diabetes Self-Care Barriers Assessment Scale for older Adults (DSCB-OA) and the Diabetes Knowledge Test (DKT) and the findings suggested that patients were in fact adhering to their drug regimen to the best of their ability. As recommended by Pun, Coates and Benzie, healthcare providers should take a more proactive role to identify the barriers that exist with each individual patient, and specify treatment to meet needs of the older patient. The antecedents as stated by the authors for management of diabetes in the older adult patient are increased psychosocial distress in the patient, low socio-economic status, cultural barriers, knowledge deficits by the patient and family members. Their recommended criteria for healthcare providers are educating the older adult patient and their family, to offer supportive care that will build trusting relationships and guide treatment. Stated consequences of managing diabetes are decreased diabetic associated complications,...

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