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Management Of Airlne Crew Essay

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1. Managing ever changing human behavior of customers is part and parcel of effective business management. Besides this, managing internal employee satisfaction and motivation is the key to employee retention, sector optimization and prompt service delivery. The ever growing air traffic volume and pursuit to ensure everlasting travel experience for customers has pushed airlines towards an effective utilization of resources. Crew has always been an important part of travel services as they are the face of the carrier towards making a good travel experience.

2. Effective crew management has always been a challenge for airlines whether it is equipment training, qualification, and experience ...view middle of the document...

Airline crew management is mix of all these activities. To understand the each aspect of airline crew management, the different area of crew management are enumerated in subsequent paragraphs.

Crew Scheduling

2. Crew scheduling is just one of a number of challenging planning problems faced by airlines. Within airline crew scheduling, there are significant differences between how international and domestic operations are scheduled. In the U.S., for example, international flight networks tend to be relatively sparse, with a limited number of flights into and out of an airport. U.S. domestic operations, in contrast, are characterized by hub-and spoke networks with large numbers of arrivals followed by departures (called banks or complexes) occurring at hub airports in relatively short periods of time. International flight networks, however, are characterized by point-to-point networks with operations spread throughout the network. Another distinction is that international networks typically operate on a weekly schedule, while daily schedules are usually assumed for domestic operations. Moreover, unlike domestic operations, it is not uncommon for international operations to deadhead crews, that is fly them as passengers on some of the flights within their schedule in order to re-position them for future assignments. Barnhart et al., 1995 study the deadheading problem. All of these differences affect how crews are scheduled. There are also significant differences between how cockpit and cabin crews are scheduled. For example, crews of pilots and other cockpit personnel usually remain together for much of their schedule. Cabin crews tend to vary more frequently, with flight attendants scheduled as individuals, rather than as part of a prescribed crew. Another key difference is that cockpit crews are heavily restricted in the number of fleet types that they are qualified to fly; cabin crews have greater latitude in the range of aircraft types that they can staff. We will focus our attention on the problem of scheduling cockpit crews.

3. Each cockpit crew is qualified to fly a specific fleet type or set of closely related fleet types, known as a fleet family. Therefore, crew scheduling management which includes only those flights that have been assigned to the corresponding fleet types. The input to a crew scheduling management is the set of flights to be covered. Flights are grouped together to form duty periods, which are series of sequential flight legs comprising a day’s work for a crew. Duties are then strung together to form pairings, crew trips spanning one or more work days separated by periods of rest. Finally, monthly schedules are made up of multiple pairings with time off in between. These four components, i.e., flights, duties, pairings, and monthly schedules, are the building blocks of crew scheduling.

4. Associated with each of these building blocks is a distinct set of constraints. These typically come from three sources....

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