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Management Leadership Essay

1180 words - 5 pages

Management and Leadership
Debra Coleman
University of Phoenix
Terrice Watson

The difference between management and leadership is the fact that managers have to budget, plan, hire fire, evaluate, and stress over the everyday operational activities of an organization; they also have to be taught to lead by attending classes, workshops, and seminars. Some companies offer tutorials on leadership skills for management because not all managers are leaders. Leaders, on the other hand are naturally born with the gift, they are creative and able to lead, guide and encourage people to do well. Leaders may also be an asset to the organization and in life by nature. ...view middle of the document...

Leaders also try to keep the environment a peaceful place to work. Leaders should motivate people to want to come to work because; if a person has no motivation then there will be no production. In our organization, the incentives are, having a potluck for the group that has the highest POC (Percentage of Contribution) that means no one late to work even when going or coming back from breaks. No one calls in and have any unscheduled absences, such as calling off on sick time. Management has set in place several incentives in place such as: Star of the Week for all participation, free jean day; those are the types of motivational things that make us want to come to work because not everyone likes to dress business casual everyday. Other incentives are contest and prizes. Leaders also help develop determination, they lead by example, not only do they walk the walk but they talk the talk.
They have a certain style about themselves that send off a signal to other people to make them want to do well and it makes them feel good also. Leaders whom I work with are highly energetic people, which like to have fun, make people laugh, and encourages one to do well. They don’t mind lending a helping hand when needed.
If a person goes to work feeling a little blue, a leader will find a way to make that person realize that things are not as bad as it may appear to be this is the type of environment one wants to work in. An individual wants to look forward to going to work each day. In doing this it allows one to realize the company he or she works for cares about each individual and it allows one to realize that he or she will or can make someone smile or someone will make that individual smile before the day is over. One leader in particular always does something in our group to boost everyone else’s since of being, she decorates for every holiday and makes sure we eat something that is fitting to that holiday, for instance, we had Mexican food for Cinco de

Mayo, and for Chinese New Year we had Chinese food, for Mardi Gras we have a variety of different dishes and we dressed up for every one of them. I believe that any leader can have an inner child that never quite get away from having fun and enjoying life in general. Good leaders produce good...

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