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Management Issue Essay

2640 words - 11 pages

Employee retention can be a challenge for Human Resources in today’s busi
ness climate,
especially in retail food service occupations due to long and sometimes unpredic
table hours,
limited benefits, and growth potential to name a few. Despite the obstacles, Whole F
Market has been able to overcome such limitations allowing employees flour
ish and as a result
have set an industry benchmark for reducing voluntary turnover. This case study r
esearch is an
examination of Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey and his modern approach to leadership
and its effect on employee retention. The ...view middle of the document...

Employee retention is of growing concern for Human Resources regardle
ss of business
initiatives to reduce turnover costs and strengthen competitive advantages. D
ue to the nature of
food service, hospitality and retail industries including low wages, long worki
ng hours, unfair
healthcare, inadequate benefits, insufficient training & development in addit
ion to limited job
growth, employee dissatisfaction and voluntary turnover is on the rise. The im
portance of this
subject is to be able to provide collected qualitative data in the form of best pract
ices in support
of foodservice retail companies so they too are able to retain valuable human capitol i
n a similar
fashion as Whole Foods Market has been able to do. This case study research inves
tigation will
evaluate the effects of John Mackey’s approach to reduce voluntary turnover and improve
employee retention at Whole Foods Market as seen through the eyes of current and pas
employees of the company.
The objectives of this case study research are:
Review and dissect literature on employee retention, turnover and job satisfac
Examine the non-traditional leadership concepts, culture and philosophies of Whole
Foods Market, honing in on Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, John
Interpret observation and qualitative results of interviews conducted with current a
nd past
employees (Team Members) of Whole Foods Market
Study factors that contribute to a sustainable work force and strong organiza
mission, values and culture
Who is John Mackey?
If you asked the business world what they think about John Mackey and his leadership
style you may get a response such as this; A liberal leader who pushes conve
ntional boundaries
to inspire trust through authentic transparency, honesty, and integrity. A modern visi
onary who
empowers, challenges and motivates employees, strengthens suppliers as w
ell as local growers,
educates customers providing them with the highest quality product possible.
Who is this controversial yet inspiring leader, who is John Mackey? Simply put he
is the
co- founder, Chairman and CEO of Whole Foods Market, a Fortune 500 company based in
Austin, Texas. Often criticized for his untraditional approach to business and busines
s decisions,
John Mackey does what he believes is right and promotes a lifestyle and company o
f health,
fulfillment and ethical principles. It is no surprise that his approach may be dif
ferent, because he
is different.
Raised in Houston, Mackey studied philosophy at the University of Texas in Austin, but
he never got a degree. He remains an omnivorous intellect (Fishman, 2004).The artic
le “Not
your average Grocer” mentions that John has dropped out of...

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