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Management Information System Case Study On Terrorists Watch List Database

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From this case study we have found out that combined efforts towards counter terrorism are being made by various agencies by creating a terrorist watch list. Terrorist Screening center or TSC is the organization created to organize and standardize information about suspected terrorist from various government agencies such into a single list. Records there only contain sensitive but unclassified information about the suspects. The database is daily updated with new ...view middle of the document...

S. Marshall Service, and the Whitehouse airlines. The unification of various terrorism databases has been a huge step towards combating terrorists, the project has been quite slow in implementing itself to its full potential as information from 12 different agencies provides them with large amount of data and the TSC has not been able to process it all. Besides the huge database the modification made daily also makes it hard for them in the integration process. Even though this step makes great difference in countering terrorism, it still has many drawbacks that affect the innocent public too.   Reports from both the government accountability office and the office of the inspector general assert that the watch list contains several inaccuracies and the government policies to be nominated and to be removed from the watch list are not uniform. Information about the process for inclusion on the list must necessarily be carefully protected; this provides the confidentiality needed for the list is to be effective against terrorism. This on the other hand makes innocent people who are on the list unable to know how...

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