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Management Information System Essay

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Web 2.0 MIS Finds Compromise between Service and Privacy

Question 1 :
One of the most well-known game online in the past until now is the Ragnarok Online. For the Ragnarok Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG was created by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. It was first released in South Korea on 31 August 2001. Anyway, it also has been released in Thailand since September 2002 and imported by Asiasoft Corperation Co.,Ltd. That we mentioned before is that Ragnarok Online is MMORPG, therefore it has created relationship among gamers or players because player can select main character to represent themselves (Role-playing). Anyway, in each character will has different ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the guild that can own its castle and protect its longest time during the event and result is all members in that guild will be representation of Thailand to complete with other countries such as Korea, Japan, USA and others countries.
In our opinions, we think that this game very popular for long time since started almost 8 years because it is a very interesting game especially in Guild War activity because all players can set the strategies to complete with their competitors to protect their castle and It will make a good relationship among players because some time only one guild cannot protect its castle, this game allow them to find more alliances at maximum is 4 alliances to help them protect their castle and they can share the reward among themselves that they could get it after finished event time. One more factors that this game can well-known and survive until now is that they have changed the marketing strategy to keep their customer because at the first time this game will charge to players by airtime fee that mean every players have to pay money for playing this game but nowadays in Thailand has a lot of game online that allow to play for free, so Ragnarok Online have to change its marketing strategy to charge to players by selling items mall that mean some players can play this game for free and if some players would like to have more convenience to play they have to re-fill the money and can buy items from items mall to help them to meet their target easily such as item about increasing experience from killing monsters or reduce experience reduction after character die from 5% to 3%, it can help players to reach highest level of character easier.
Finally, in term of Information technology we can prove that it can help the Asiasoft Corperation Co.,Ltd to provides a very good service to their customers by using it’s website to contact to their customers directly such as applied new ID game and moreover about very concerning issue of game players is login security service that company has coordinated with AIS company to offers service to all players for locking ID game via player’s mobile directly, player can send the message to AIS and indentify ID, Lock or Unlock which has been registered with Asiasoft Corperation Co.,Ltd both ID game and mobile phone no. in website of company previously.

Question 2 :

Reference to our research as the question 1, after Ragnarok game provider was very successes on the game online product. Therefore the Ragnarok online company has introduced a lot of new products placement for this game in order to increase their income, there are many kind of product that they offered to all game players in order to be representation of the game which are collected by game players who would like to collect it, the first of all products is Poring Doll this doll is very popular product and at that time during Ragnarok very popular it can soles at high volume because this doll is represented to...

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