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Management In Human Services Essay

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(I) Introduction

According to Craig C. Pinder, work motivation is defined as “a set of energetic forces that originates both within as well as beyond an individual’s being to initiate work-related behavior, and to determine its form, direction, intensity & duration.” Motivation is the reasons for engaging in a particular behavior. These reasons may include basic needs such as food or a desired object, hobbies, goal, state of being, or ideal. Moreover, motivation refers to the initiation, direction, ...view middle of the document...

(III) Individual Differences Approach:

First, Individual differences approach means treating motivation as a characteristic of the individual. Mr. Wong said, since everyone has different personality or nature, we have to choose carefully on the methods of motivation. Mr. Wong said, there were different needs for both paid employees and volunteers. For employees, they need income therefore they work in the AYP. They sell their ‘services’ to the organization, in order to gain the rewards - salary. However, for the volunteers, most of them are having their full-time jobs outside the organization. They choose to be a volunteer, not because of money. In fact, some of them are searching for something, which they cannot find or fulfill in their jobs. Mr. Wong said, being a volunteer could satisfy his own needs in helping people and contributing to society.

Analysis from Mr. Wong response:

By analyzing Mr. Wong’s speech, we can see that, paid employees are mostly motivated by the salaries (Alderfer’s ERG Theory: Existence needs.) Meanwhile, the volunteers are motivated by social relationship or self-esteem (Alderfer’s ERG Theory: Relatedness needs). This can be applied onto the Alderfer’s ERG Theory, which states that people have three basic need sets: Existence needs, relatedness needs and growth needs. We should identify which stage the employees/volunteers are lying, so that we can make a better motivation.
Alderfer’s ERG

| Motivated by: | Position in Alderger’s ERG |
Employees | Economic Rewards (e.g. salaries) | Existence Needs |
Volunteers | social relationship or self-esteem | Relatedness Needs |
(IV) Job & Organizational Approach

The second approach to motivation is Job & Organizational Approach. It emphasizes the design of jobs and the general organizational environment. Mr. Wong said, as there are different nature in the work of paid employees and volunteers, we have to use distinct methods to motivate them. The AYP has a system for employee’s promotion, which works according to their work experiences and qualification. Mr. Wong stated that, as the workloads for paid employees are always heavier than that of the volunteers; the paid employees would easily dislike the work, when compare to the volunteers’ attitude. Therefore the motivator for paid employees would mainly focus on the improvement on salary or job promotion, in order to satisfy them by using economic incentives, added by Mr. Wong. For the volunteers, the AYP would give certificates for those who have years of volunteers experiences. In addition, some volunteers with more experiences may be appointed as the leader of an activity. This could be a challenge for them.

Analysis from Mr. Wong response:

We can use Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory to explain the way that Mr. Wong used to motivate the employees and volunteers. This theory suggests that to improve job attitudes and productivity, administrators must recognize and attend to both sets of...

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