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Management In Global Environment Essay

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Chapter 1:
List some of the changes in management practice that have occurred in the recent past and describe how these changes have impacted things like, for example, efficiency and effectiveness, IT, allocation of organizational resources, or achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Select one or two of these changes (or others, if you prefer), and describe the resulting impact.

Recent changes in management practice have included restructuring, outsourcing, and allowing employees to explore their own ways in building up their clientele or business within a company. Restructuring involves downsizing a company in order to reduce the operating costs, ...view middle of the document...

While this downsize prove to save a substantial amount of money for the company by focusing on other stores that can deliver high volumes of sales, shutting down the stores results in many job losses; and while they offer compensation packages, not many employees would want to pack up their things and move to another state to work for the same company that “kicked” them out of their own store to begin with. While many associates enjoyed their time with Saks, they may feel discouraged to stay with the company because of their initial experience of being laid off. For example, I work at the Chicago Saks store on Michigan Avenue, and while it is a flagship store – often catering to international and upper-middle class clients, sometimes I wonder if there is a chance that our store is next to shutting down because of the recent closures at other stores. While it may not feel discouraged to work, it is a question that associates sometimes ask themselves. Despite the doubts that some people may have at the company, at least we are lucky enough to have to worry about our jobs getting outsourced.

Another thing that Saks does is allow employees to build their business their own way; although there are guidelines as to how to build our clientele, managers allow associates to handle their clients individually. In our store, depending on the relationship that has been built between associates and their client, sometimes associates give out their cell phone number so that clients are able to get a hold of their associates and get the best service possible – whether it’s a personal shopping...

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