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Management In Business Essay

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Management In Business


In business, there must be some form of management as to prevent chaos in the business. To make plans and implement them, to analyze, organize, cordinate and control. The skills of managing include leadership skills, and the human skills, interpersonal skills, conceptional skills. Without a management role in place for businesses with many departments, the business will not succeed. The difference though in good management and excellent management are vast. The experience a manager has in the management business will be of great ...view middle of the document...

We will want to know how well he/she works under pressure so that will be included in her/his interview questionaire.
They will possess skills and experinece in a customer service representative capacity as to understand some of the great pit falls of customer service prior to this position. They will require the knowledge and ability to work with others and to show good leadership qualities as well. The candidate needs to be people oriented and customer focused. She/he must be able to perform the work of the employees under her from start to finish. There will be training provided for this. I will be looking for someone who has shown prior dedication to her employment and has genuine concern for the company's growth. She/he will serve as the spokesperson for the servie department, so her ability to articulate clearly and professionally is very important.
This person must have knowledge and experinece in handling customer service problems and troubleshooting. She/he will know how to lead a department with the ability to motivation her employees to keep a good rapport going in that department. She/he will exude warmth, determination, motivation and leadership traits. It is not so important that this person has managerial experience as it is that they have some experience in these areas from planning to controlling.

Questions for Candidate for Manager in Services Division

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Purpose: to assess goal orientation, planning and self motivation.
An employee has been a “no call-no show” for two days in a row. They come in on the third day. What do you say or do? Purpose: Leadership skills assessement and interpersonal, human skills.
How do you think we can grow this new service department over the next 3 years? How would that growth plan be implemented? Purpose: planning, goal setting, ambiton, motivation, leadership skills. Decision assessement.
There are 14 different issues all requireing your attention. Some more major than others. ...

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