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Management Function Essay

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2.1 Planning
Planning which is the early stage of management function takes an important role of achieving organisation’s goal .Planning is identified as a procedure managers use to identify objectives and to structure major tasks of the organisations (Frear,2011). Richard (1976) states that planning which is a multifaceted process, involves defining goals and establishing oranisational strategies to achieve the goal. Generally, Planning is the process for managers to identify the objectives and the plan or schedule to guide how to achieve the objectives. According to Perry (2001, as cited in Dunn &Liang, 2011) states that there is a significant relationship between organisation failure and ...view middle of the document...

(Hasan, Amin& Abbas 2011). Using the example of The Fred Hollow which is taken from Robbins et al., (2009, p 4), has been developed strategic plan to ensure their work is going to be effective. In addition, manager in The Fred Hollow need to practice and analyze the SWOT analysis in assisting and support to manage national borders. For example, to analyze their internal environments such as the strengths and weakness, manager need to consider some fields. For the strengths in The Fred Hollow, managers need to consider that the strengths that they have such as their organisational value. However, the capital funding or the numbers of volunteers may result in the weakness of the organisation. Managers consider the unavailable resources (funding or equipments) and the size of organisation may restrict to manage national borders. Being the non-profit organisations, there are many of international competitors such as Orbis in rival of funding and that is the threats of external environments. The manager needs to be aware of how to compete the international rivals. For the opportunities, managers need to hold opportunities when it comes(Bradberry & Greaves, 2003, as cited in Mari, 2007).
After the manager of The Fred Hollow analyzes the SWOT analysis, manager should be able to formulate the strategies to support to manage across national borders effectively. For example, using corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a strategy. CSR has become important to organisation because such programs offer the opportunity to build organisation’s image and reputation (Etang, 1994) and organisation’s image is the key to its survival (Pfau, Haigh, Sims& Wigley, 2008). According to the example of The Fred Hollow, it said that the manager has attributed the outstanding success of image of the Australian-based organisation (Robbins et al., 2009, p 4). However, if The Fred Hollow needs to manager across national borders, it needs to convey their values and promote their image globally. For example, the organisation could launch an event internationally that invite and place the people in a dark circumstance and let people to feel as the feeling of blindness. To launch that event, it would convey the clear message to public that blindness which makes people fear can be preventable. As a result, developing CSR could enhance people trust in organisation and people could recall the name of the organisations who are promoting strong CSR (Pfau et al., 2008). If The Fred Hollow could build their positive images widely through CSR, it might resist the competitors and solve the problem of weakness and threats.
However, to manager across national borders, some constraints need to be considered. For example, culture. Different languages, values and technical level may restrict The Fred Hollow to manage across national borders and affect the process of strategic planning. The different cultural background may result in communication conflict. Conflict almost always exists...

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