Management Development Essay

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Management development is concerned with improving managers’ performance in their present roles and preparing them for greater responsibilities in the future. In this paper, we are going to discuss the following aspects of management development:

* Definition of management development
* Its aims
* The main management development Process
* Methods or Approaches to management development
* The responsibility for management development
* The benefits and challenges
* Application with an emphasis of typical practice in an organization


Management development is the process by which managers learn and improve their ...view middle of the document...

Development process may be:-
Anticipatory - to enable managers contribute to long-term objectives
Motivational – geared to individual career aspirations
Reactive – aiming to resolve performance difficulties.
The particular aims are to:
* Provide management succession, creating a system to keep this under review
* To ensure that managers understand what is expected of them and the level of expertise required in their roles.
* To ensure that managers understand what is expected of them; agree with objectives against which their performance will be measured and the level of competence in their roles.
* To help identify managers with needed abilities, encouraging them to prepare and implement their personal development plans and ensuring that they receive the required development/training to equip them for higher responsibilities within the organization.

Hirsh et al (2000), lists the following as the aims of management development:-
* To provide better information and advice for individual managers on how to think about the future direction of their career and their needs.
* Get managers to recognize that developing their staff is an important part of their job. This helps to improve performance of the staff and their effectiveness.
* To help managers to meet the specific business needs of the organization.
* To increase the efficiency of performance of existing managers
* To train managers for higher assignments
* To prepare managers to adapt to changes which maybe ideological, environmental and technological.
* To provide adequate leaders in an organization.
Armstrong (2009), points out the following as aims of management development:-
* Getting managers to produce their own personal development plans
* Getting the managers to understand their own learning styles so that they can make the best use of their experience and increase the effectiveness
* Emphasizing self-assessment and identification of development needs by getting managers to assess their own performance against agreed objectives
* To help managers to analyze the factors contributing to effective or less effective performance of individuals and the organization
* Encourage managers to discuss their own problems and opportunities with their manager colleagues or mentors

Bernardin (2003) views management development as a process by which the management competencies of a manager or a management teams are enhanced. It is any form of training, formal or informal, accredited or non-accredited, which enhances the ability of a manager to provide direction, facilitate change, use resources, work with people, achieve results, or manage self and personal skills” for the benefit of the organization and the individual career progression(Wilkinson and Redman 2001). Management development process is a range of related activities meant to bring into focus the current managerial capabilities and in the light of the future expected...

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