Management Communications Essay

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Name: Elaine
Surname: Azzopardi
Ref No.: PWM7874
Date: Wednesday 27 July 2016 Course: ILM April2016 Intake
Assignment Version: 2
Module Title: Management Communication
Submission Form Attached Separately

I am Elaine. I work as a receptionist and my job involves communicating with people and other
members of the staff at the Ministry for Finance. I think that communication is the key to a
successful organisation. Furthermore, with good communication one can enhance performance.
Communication is about exchanging information and the understanding beyond that information.
Effective communication can lead to better interaction with others; improve team work and
problem solving.
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One can be sure that the receiver has correctly
understood the message received.
By sticking to the cycle the communication would be more effective because when one has to send a
message to a colleague firstly he has to think carefully and be clear in the message that he or she
wants to deliver. Besides, one has to get to the point at once and be concise and think about not
wasting other people’s time. If the message is unclear or ambiguous the receiver may not
understand the message. The manager must also make sure that the colleagues will know that their
opinions are important too.
Listening to colleagues is a form of respect that should always be felt and transmitted by the
management. Moreover, one has to think before speaking as when words are said there can be
misunderstanding. One should never be too negative as this may put off the other colleagues.

If my director sends someone to tell me to change my section, and my colleague tells me that the
director has asked me that I have to go to the other section the manager should, ideally explain to
me why the decision was taken. However, it may be the case that the colleague will not deliver the
exact words of the manager and I would misunderstand and think that she just does not want me in
the other section anymore. But if the director would send me an email giving me instructions I would
understand the situation better.

Explain, with examples, the importance of selecting an
appropriate tone, language, and level of formality in
management communications
Within an organisation communication is the key to an effective performance at the work place.
Besides if it is to be efficient communication should come from both sides of the spectrum:
management and employees.
There are different ways of communication that managers use. Some of the types include selecting
appropriate tone so that formality is respected and there is appropriate language in management
communications. When a manager is going to communicate with employees the tone of voice and
language should be respectful and efficient all the time. Furthermore, it should transmit strength
and assurance so that the employees know where to stand and get the message more clearly.
Nonetheless a manager must not be full of himself or herself so that the team feel at ease with him
or her. Additionally, professional managers need to use suitable language in the workplace. Slang,
bad grammar, discriminatory or derogatory language must not be used.
As a manager one has to be assertive in communication so that it would be effective when
expressing thoughts and feelings. The manager also has to have self control, active listening and
calm body language. Moreover, one has to be a problem-solver without violating and insulting
One has to use the right words and language tone when in written communication such as reports,
emails, memos, letters and circulars so that the receiver will read the message and get...

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