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Management Case Study

4262 words - 18 pages

Dr. Robert Taylor
Kristina R. Wilhelm, 2012

Table of Contents
MBTI model: 3
Problem-solving model 4
Motivation: Performance-model 5
Value of reward 5
Perceived Effort- Reward Probability 5
Skills ability and traits 6
(1) Drive 6
(2) Leadership motivation 7
(3) Honesty and integrity 7
(4) Self-confidence 8
(5) Cognitive abilities 8
(6) Knowledge of business 9
Role Perceptions 9
More traits to be considered: 10
Any other relevant motivation models 11
Expectancy Theory 11
Equity Theory 12
Herzberg-Theory 12
Job Characteristics Model 13
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As an introvert Tony prefers to work alone (as seen by his unwillingness to train his sales team, and specially Britney) which leads to Tony’s disconnection form his team, (as further highlighted by the nickname of “near miss” which Tony gave to Chris Johnson). As the thinking type Tony’s might tend to give insufficient attention to his teams wishes, as seen by Melanie’s complaint about Tony never listening to her, including his lack of feelings (indicating Melanie is the feeling type).
The judging personality traits (as attributed by taking decisions quickly) is shown in Tony’s rather immediate reluctance to work with Steve Stricker (who is Steve Stricker?). The judging personality type is further shown by miscommunication between Big Ron and him.
On the positive side Tonys’ cognitive ability and knowledge of the business should be mentioned. The knowledge of business is based on Tony’s past experience in this industry. The thinking side of his personality allows him to reach logical analysis before reaching conclusion. Since Tony and I show complete opposite personality traits it might be difficult – but very beneficial, since we complement each other - for us to communicate, therefore we will use the problem-solving model to overcome our different personality types.

Problem-solving model
By using the problem-solving model, Tony needs to use his sensing traits and focus on the current problems he is facing with his team to gather the necessary information regarding his team member’s personalities.
The problem-solving model is based on the MBTI model and contains four essential steps: (1) sensing (facts), (2) intuition (possibilities), (3) thinking (consequences) and (4) feeling (impact on people), whereby sensing-feeling and sensing-intuition are paired opposites. In this model the team will go through each of these steps in a consecutive manner, thereby each team member will contribute most in their predominant personality trait. In using the problem-solving model all types of personalities in Tony’s team will be heard equivalently. First I will use the problem-solving model with Tony individually and than help Tony to implement this model with his team.
Motivation: Performance-model
In the following section I will go through each of the building blocks that contribute to the performance-model.
Value of reward
(Refers to how attractive or desire is a potential outcome of an individual’s behavior in the work situation). In the text nothing is mentioned about a reward system for a team leader, or as a whole team as a group (so no peer pressure). I as Tony boss should clearly communicate the benefits to him, in a written and a verbal format. As I will discuss below I also need to become aware of Tony’s personal goals and the individual goals of his team members. Tony also needs to learn about the personal goals of his team members.
Perceived Effort- Reward Probability
(Refers to an individual’s perception of whether...

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