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Management Assignment

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Evelyn Lima 29/06/11
Managing and Communicating Change at Agilent

Executive Summary
Agilent Technologies is a spinoff of Hewlett-Packard that was established 1999. Agilent is facing a problem of having to lay off 8000 (20%) of their employees during a hard time for the company and corporate America. Agilent uses various communication strategies such as open communication channels, consistency, training sessions and empathy towards the employees being laid off to help manage and communicate the change within the company. The key observations made will be analysed in this report, and recommendations will be given to senior managers to further enhance the effectiveness of how to ...view middle of the document...

This strategy helped employees feel informed and not as though they were being left in the dark. They were made well aware of the organisation’s situations, and how senior management aimed at solving these issues. Face-to-face meetings and assurance that there would be no across the board cuts were also forms of open communication. Agilent would identify the specific staff member, and they would be told directly by their managers if they were being let go.

This style of communication emphasises the honesty of the organisation and senior management, but also helped calm the anxiety of the employees as to whether they were going to be let go or not. This stabilised and in some aspects improved productivity as the employees felt their jobs were secure. These open communication channels maintained a high morale within the organisation, and Agilent ranked number 31 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for, despite their mass staff layoff. This high morale kept productivity stable as employees who were being laid off did not feel resentful towards the organisation, as management had been honest with them the...

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