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Management As A Role Model Essay

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Ethical Issues and Management: Manager as a Role Model
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Ethical Issues and Management: Manager as a Role Model
In today’s workforce, it is the management team that helps drives a company to success. Managers are responsible for a long list of task including; ensuring their employees are doing the job correctly and on time; ensuring that the expectations and goals are clear and concise; the expectations and goals are being met; ensuring that the employees’ needs are being met; ensuring that the employees are following company policy; and the list goes on and on. One major role of a manager is to be a good role model to their employees. ...view middle of the document...

In today’s workforce, managers can have a large impact on an employee’s ability to move up in a company. Managers deal with performance evaluations which ultimately can hinder or help an employee’s pay. As an employee of a company, management teams also have managers that they report to. In this aspect, it is important for managers to not only have equality for their employees, but in order to succeed in business, they need to be able to manage up, and be able to manage all of their work relationships.
Favoritism is another moral and ethical dilemma that managers face in the workplace today. Spotting and overcoming favoritism is important because favoritism allows for other employees of the company to feel a manager’s judgment can be clouded. As a manager, and a role model, it is important to leave this type of dilemma out of the workplace. The management team needs to be able to take control of any situation and if favoritism is involved, the situation may take control of them.
Considering that subordinates can be promoted to peers, and peers to senior managers, everyone in a business can have a large impact on one’s professional career. As a role model within a company, managers need to ensure they treat every employee with respect. Respect is not given, it is earned. They don’t want to be a brown nose to their management team while at the same time disrespecting the peers or subordinates. Managers are tasked with having good morals and respecting everyone around them. Even if there is an employee that goes to work just for the paycheck and gripes and moans about the work, a manager needs to respect them and when the situation starts to affect business, approach the situation with dignity and respect.
When it comes to ethics, managers need to be able to handle different situation to ensure that the place of work is exactly that, a place where people come to work. Something that can hinder this environment is honesty. Employees of a company all rely on the information they receive from other employees of the company. The other employees can be senior management, peers, or junior employees of the company. Wherever the information comes from, it needs to be accurate because other employee’s information will be misconstrued if it is not. It is important for managers of the company to ensure the accuracy of the information. As a role model, managers need to ensure the employees of a company are all doing their jobs and doing them properly.
As a manager myself, I have realized that management is not all glamorous. I worked for a small company that delivered lost luggage for passengers’ of seven major airlines at the Salt Lake City airport in Utah. Even though the company was small, I still had to portray myself as a professional because I was in constant communication and view of the general public. I was in charge of managing the deliveries and took care of everything from pickup at the airlines to drop off at the passenger’s address....

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