Management And Organizational Behavior Essay

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Title and Article Reference Guillen, MF. 2001, ‘Is Globalization Civilizing, Destructive or Feeble? A Critique of Five Key Debates in the Social Science Literature’, Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 27, pp. 235-260
Aim / Purpose of article The purpose of this article is to discuss about various connotations of Globalization and its historical observation. It also aims to clarify five vital issues relating to globalization: its existence, if it produces convergence, if it undermines the authority of nation states, its difference from modernity and if global culture is in making.
Sample, location, method of data collection and analysis The ideas and data used in this article ...view middle of the document...

Quotes from the article that you plan to use in your assignment “The bulk of the earth must not only be spherical, but not large in comparison with the size of other stars” (Aristotle, 384–322 BC)
Quotes from the article that you plan to use in your assignment “Globalization has to be understood as a dialectical phenomenon, in which events at one pole of a distanciated relation often produce divergent or even contrary occurrences at another” (Giddens 2000)

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Title and Article Reference Wade, RH 2004, ‘Is Globalization Reducing Poverty and Inequality?’, World Development, vol.32, no.4, p 567-589

Aim / Purpose of article Purpose of this article to show some advantages and disadvantages of globalization towards the economy of the different parts of the world.
Sample, location, method of data collection and analysis The ideas of this article are used of different articles and journals. Statistics of various aspects of world’s economy are collected from different sources.
Findings/Interpretations reported in the article Although globalization causing economy to grow very fast in India, China, and the rest of East Asia, however there was an increase in poverty in those country. Also the economic situation was the same in Latin America whereas the economic growth in the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa decreased.

Significance/contribution of the article in relation to your other articles and your topic The significance of this article is that it clarifies very nicely how globalization can impact on economy in both positive and negative way with very good evidences.
Strengths of the article Very well explained with good evidence to support the article

Weaknesses of the article Although this article show data and statistic of economy of different part of the world, however it does not talks about the economic changes in the worlds one of the strongest economic regions North America.
Quotes from the article that you plan to use in your assignment `Over the past...

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