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Management and leadership are two different concepts. The way management approaches a situation can be and is very important. Decisions made will be based on some motivations or reasons that are forces which influence our ways of thinking. However, hardly ever examine our motivations to see if they make sense. People rarely examine our reasons critically to see if they are rationally justified. We constantly have to solve problems everyday of our life; some of the decisions seem smaller than others. Some decisions are effective and valid, while others appear to be a shot in the dark. As known many managers share similar characteristics that fit into a broad management or leadership style. It ...view middle of the document...

If the employees see the leaders work hard, exercise excellent work ethics, and maintain a positive outlook then they will start to imitate them in turn creating and maintaining a good culture. Another way leaders can maintain a good culture is by not disciplining his or her employees in negative ways like yelling, or threatening them. Employees must learn from their mistakes and it's up to the leader to let them know what they did wrong and explain to them how they can avoid future mistakes. These examples can be used to create and continue healthy and influential organizational traditions. It's up to the leaders within the company to maintain and grow with this culture. Leadership and management styles are given so that it can relate the differing styles to each of the mentioned decades. The four basic types of function are as followed:Autocratic managers believe that the leaders should tell all the employees how to and what to do like a dictatorship. There aren't any scopes for feedback from the employees with this style so the manager won't be able to find out if there are problems. This method can be good if there are strong manager, however, if there aren't enough strong managers, then there can be some problems with it. The advantages of this style are that decisions are made very quickly, which can be very important if something critical happens. The disadvantage is that employee motivation and confidence can suffer if they have no say in what happens for the company.In a democratic leadership the manager will discuss with the employees what the company should do, and involves them in the decision- making, although the final choice rests with the manager still. This method can be very good as there are excellent deals of input from all the different departments in the organization. The advantage to this style is that the employees will be motivated more due to them having more control with the company. The disadvantage with this style is that it can be very time consuming meaning a wait if an important decision needs to be made.In a laissez-faire leadership the manager has very little direct input with what the company does. The manager will decide the overall goals and objectives for the company and let the employees get on with it. The manager will let the employees make most of the decisions and let them decide how to get the tasks done. The advantage with this style is that the employees will be highly motivated as they are given great deal of power. The disadvantage is that some employees will take advantage of the manager and not do any work at all.In a paternalistic leadership the manager will try to and guide the employees towards the employees' goals. The manager tries to take on a "fatherly" role for the employees and makes all the decisions for them in an "I know best" way. The advantage to this style is that the decisions will be made quickly for the company. The disadvantage is that the employees can feel unmotivated as it...

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